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Twice Redundant To Leading 
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In 2016, Vish went from rising on the Corporate ladder to being made redundant, not once, but twice in the same year. After successfully delivering $35 million USD worth of sales through his sales team to the company he was working for. He was asked to document everything he had taught the team he had personally hired and trained to work for the business, as they were the most successful sales team in the business internationally, even though none of them had sales experience before this.

He had failed in business before, BADLY and this had left him nervous for what lay ahead, he wanted to start his own business again and not have to work for a Corporate giant again where there was less job security. He needed no convincing that this was it now.

Vish Babber

The Go To Guy For Sales Training.

From Corporate Slave To Living The Life Of Her Dreams.

Have you ever been at a crossroads in your life?

Five years ago Cheryl was a corporate prisoner who hated her life & drank to get away from the pain of a boring life. She was on the hamster wheel of life ( maybe you know that feeling too?)

Then in 2011 she went to a personal development seminar and one of the speakers looked at me and said if you were to die tomorrow who would mourn your loss - because if that number is small, it meant you lead a life of insignificance. It was in that moment that I realized that something had to change.

Cheryl started to retrain in Neuro linguistic programming and NLP, life coaching and Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), Developed by the highly acclaimed Marisa Peer who has fine tuned this method over 30 years.

Cheryl didn’t know then that that journey would lead her to develop a program to help thousands of people around the world to find out their WHY. There were many challenges along that journey and knowing that her WHY is to inspire others to make changes in their lives too. One of those challenges was how to let others know what she could offer.

That’s when Cheryl realized that becoming the “expert” in your industry is vital, so that your clients can find you.

She know holds a Doctor of Global Leadership certificate from The Academy of Universal Global Peace.

And as multi award winning Author, Radio Host, Trainer and Speaker she has mentored thousands of entrepreneurs, International sportsmen, OBE, MBE, CBE holders & ABC’s (that’s right everyday people) across 5 continents to create and share their stories and move forward by changing the stories that hold them back from moving forward .

As the co-Creator of The Find Your WHY! Foundation to help others to become (even more) frickin’ awesome she facilitates and teaches other to learn tangible tools and techniques at amazing locations in the UK and Morocco.

By using Expert Mastery and James Nicholson's teachings Cheryl's business has had a massive shift! She is doing what she loves, with who she loves, whenever she wants! Cheryl has access to her ideal clients through her expert positioning and would highly recommend anyone wanting to get paid doing what they love to follow the principles in Expert Mastery
He had failed in business before, BADLY and this had left him nervous for what lay ahead, he wanted to start his own business again and not have to work for a Corporate giant again where there was less job security. He needed no convincing that this was it now.

Cheryl Chapman

Founder "Find Your Why Foundation"

Award Winning Estate Agent

Like most Estate Agents Sanjay struggled to get quality leads in his business. 

He tried the usual suspects, newspapers, flyers and radio but got very little return. 

Sanjay and his team used one strategies from Expert Mastery that now generates them 200 leads per week. Previously that would take him 6 months and ten times the cost to generate that quantity of leads. 

In the summer of 2017 Moss Properties won the best social media aware beating 500 other Estate Agents.  

Sanjay Gandhi

Doncaster's Leading Estate Agent

£180k In Debt To Financially Free

Having qualified as an electrician in 1984 James went on to work for a number of large UK electrical contracting companies before eventually starting his own business.

In 2007 James lost his business as a result of the and was practically bankrupt owing in excess of £180K. Unable to get employment he had no choice but to work self-employed, realising that understanding how to market a business was as important if not more important than the actual work of the business he set about learning everything he could about local marketing both on and off line.

Gradually he rebuilt his business learning what it really takes to build a sustainable local business. He soon realised that most self-employed tradesmen/women go out business not because they are bad at what they do but because they don’t know how to promote what they do or they believe falsely that if they are good enough the business will find them. James is now on a mission to dispel this myth within the trades industry demonstrating that there is a better more sustainable way to build a local trades business

James started ToolBox Marketing in 2014 a training organisation dedicated to teaching tradesmen and women how to build a business around their trade. 

Having spent the last four years developing Toolbox Marketing James is now an established speaker on the topic of local marketing for electricians, he is the author of the Amazon Number 1 best seller “The S.P.A.R.K.S Blueprint to Marketing”.

By implementing the strategies found in Expert Mastery, James has been able to target a very particular niche and position himself as the go to expert for marketing for electricians. James now gets paid to do what he believes he should have been doing a long time ago and best of all the amazing results he gets now for his client keep him wanting to do it more and more! Don’t wait a second longer to find your passion, get your copy of expert mastery now and being the journey to doing what you love.

James Dewane

Tradesman to Trainer

"Over 50,000 Leads Into His Business For FREE!"

Darren was spending thousands of pounds a week on promoting his products and services. Sometimes it could take months before prospects spent cash with him meaning he could be out of pocket for a long time. 

James trained Darren the strategies needed to build his list for FREE. Using the 5 step system contained in Expert Mastery, Darren was able to add 50,000 leads into his database for FREE. 

In the last 6 months alone this has added £1 million to his yearly turnover and he is on track for £2 million in growth for the 12 month period. 

Darren Winters

Worlds Leading Wealth Coach

Launched a global workshop training programme… and became an industry expert

As a sought-after copywriter for clients in the US and UK, ex-journalist Jody Raynsford made his name writing sales letters and promotions that generated millions of dollars in revenue - working with names such as Tony Robbins’ coaching business, Robbins-Madanes Training.

Through his agency, Hello Genius, he was also working with a number of innovative and game-changing businesses who struggled to get their message to the market. In answering this, Jody built and launched the Industry Disruptor Programme - a three month training programme designed to help great ideas become breakthrough brands by using the strategies of the world’s most successful disruptive brands like Tesla, Uber and Virgin. 

But he had a challenge. How could he spread his message to help as many businesses as possible?

That’s when he turned to James to tap into his experience and expertise of positioning experts using digital marketing. With his help, Jody was able to put together a comprehensive digital strategy to develop and scale up the marketing activity to rapidly bring on as many businesses as clients as possible and double the size of the business.

Jody Raynsford

World Leading Copywriter

Over £100,000 In New Business In Under 8 Weeks!

In Early 2017 Liam, co-founder of Assets For Life was running his own property business which involves doing educational events.

Things were going well but he wanted to share his message with more people by running bigger events. He also wanted people to find out about his business and courses much faster by marketing online.

Since working with James Nicholson, Liam was able to grow his database to almost 4,000 subscribers in just a few months, run events with over 120 attendees and sign up over 63 people on his property course. 

Also the events became more profitable overall and it really put Liam on the map as a property speaker. 

It boosted his credibility and people started to see him as an authority online, even though they hadn't met him. 

You will discover how to do this and more when you pick up a copy of Expert Mastery. 

Your business will go far if you read it and follow what James teaches as his help has been invaluable for us.

Liam Ryan

Property Investor and Trainer 

Recruitment Consultant To Expert Author 

Having worked in the world of recruitment for over 17 years and given her heart and soul to agencies – as a consistently top billing consultant, in 2012, Deenita found herself out of a job unexpectedly. 

With only a week before she turned 40, she knew if she didn’t take the plunge now, she never would. After all, life begins at 40 right? It most certainly did for her!

Within a month, she started her own Recruitment business with a twist; adding a training arm to it so she could improve the reputation of the industry and help recruiters adopt a winning mindset, become great communicators, influence clients in an ethical way – and still still make money!

Her business took off in a positive way – only she was still exchanging her time for money. Deenita took the role of salesperson, administration, owner, trainer, marketer…will you get the idea. And she knew – her passion lay in training other to see their potential. 

LinkedIn – Cash In Converter™ & The Rapid Recruitment Engine™ are courses designed to get individuals turning prospects into paying customers. An International professional speaker and published author of Recruitment Gems Uncovered™, Deenita shares key strategies with experts so they position themselves as the expert in their field and be the No.1 choice with the clients.

5 years on, Deenita runs a number of training courses where she works 1 to many – reaching more people and changing more lives. Thanks to James Nicholson’s Expert Mastery, she has now attracts more of the RIGHT clients instead of just ANY client. A published author, business mentor & coach, and award-winning professional speaker, Deenita now spends time doing the things she loves; piecing together futures! 

Deenita Pattni

Award Winning Business Mentor

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