Edward Snowdon action figure now available for $99

Controversial whistle-blower Edward Snowdon is now available to purchase in 12-inch action figure style.

The American ex-National Security Agency employee whose whistle-blowing on the organisation last year means he has fled to Russia, is being sold as a doll in order to raise funds for the Freedom of the Press Association. They are an American-based not-for-profit organisation who work towards achieving transparency in the media and to defend journalists who seek to report the truth. Snowdon himself sits in the board of Directors, as does the actor John Cusack and the journalist instrumental in getting Snowdon’s story made public, Glenn Greenwald.

Snowdon is facing charges from the US government for spying, a result of his leaking publically classified documents. Ironically it was spying on the part of the US that Snowdon revealed. Not only was the US government looking at the actions of suspected terrorists they were also storing information on everyday Americans. Not only that, they were also revealed to be surveilling political leaders from across the globe.

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Snowdon has attracted both criticism and praise for his actions: some agree with the US government in that his actions were a threat to national security and he is therefore a traitor to his country, whereas another faction are supportive of his actions and insist he is a heroic and brave figure in standing up against a huge government who are seen to be acting unethically.

Although the dolls are manufactured in the States 30-year-old Snowdon has been granted asylum in Russia. The doll can be shipped worldwide and is currently retailing at a fairly hefty $99. Mini Snowdon comes decked in a blue t-shirt, grey trousers and trainers although there is also a 50s style grey suit and an Indiana Jones style outfit available.

For any customers with their own ready-made dolls body his head alone is available for purchase for a still-not-quite-bargainous $60. The dolls are made and sold by ThatsMyFace.com, who offered the following explanation on their website:

“Officials with ThatsMyFace stated the doll was created to promote donations to the Freedom of the Press Foundation which is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping support and defend public-interest journalism focused on exposing mismanagement, corruption, law-breaking in government and to encourage news organizations to use encryption tools.”

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