The Ultimate Facebook Split-Test Strategy

There’s more than enough we could go into about split tests in-detail. It can be overwhelming if taken all together. For us, we find the best way to get the analysis we need to is to cut away the waste, and Shave-Off Critical Time and Effort with a Razor-Sharp Facebook Split-Test Strategy.

What is Split-Testing For; How Can It Help Me?

Split-testing is about choices and preference. The whole purpose of the Split-Test is to see what people within a selected market take notice of and engage with, taking into consideration the variables and influences that affect that market.

You’re at a car dealership, say, and you’re looking for a 4×4 and are shown two. After you weigh up the options and your needs you choose one. That is the essence of what a Split-Test is.


These variables and choices can end up spiralling when you consider the sheer number of people utilising a platform like Facebook.

As of March 2016 there are over 1.59 billion monthly active Facebook users and that in of itself is a colossal volume of different potential markets. In order to fully advertise to best of potential you need to test out a variety of target audiences, background images, videos, wording etc to effectively close the chosen market-or-markets. It can seem like such a large burden of effort that Many Business Owners Swerve Using Split-Testing All-Together.

As much as it is all-of-that, though; Split-Testing is An Highly-Effective Tool in Your Arsenal when it comes to making across-the-board improvements to your Ad Performances.

How to Get Started – Graphics

Many things go into what makes an effective advertisement on Facebook, but Prime Among These is the Background Image or ‘Graphic’ you use.

On Facebook this is extremely streamlined; all you need-do is select 6 separate images and you can upload them all together. Using this tool allows you to Split-Test all of those graphics together and get all the data you need quick-and-fast, rather than having to cut through the time-sink of uploading individual images and running them individual for testing.

What’s also quite awesome is Facebook can take control of the Split-Testing Process; running it for you using your best-performing Graphic which keeps your Cost-of-Conversion right down.


The Next Step – Headlines

Following on from picking the most effective Graphic is Split-Testing Headlines, where we can eek out even better performance from our Ad. Check out the Ad ”Effective Facebook Ads”;

With a bit of patience you can Put together 6-different Advertisements and Begin your Split-Testing.Let’s cut right to it;Using Facebook Ads Manager, choose the campaign you want to work at and which ad set. You’ll come to a screen of ads you have already Split-Tested.

Now click the best performing ad Graphic that works best. You can also turn-off under-performing ads from this screen.

Once that Ad has opened up for you, there will be a ‘++’ to duplicate that same ad, which will bring to this screen after;

Head straight for the ‘Go to Audience & Budget’ button and click-through to the next screen;

All we are trying to change is our Headline, so click the ‘Choose Ad Creative’ button which brings you here;

All we are trying to change is our Headline, so click the ‘Choose Ad Creative’ button which brings you here;

We’re finally there! You can now Edit your Headline, then hit the ‘Place Order’ button,

Aaaaand …

Now you’ve Created a New Ad, within the same set of Ads and have now got it Split-Testing against your Best-Performer but with a changed Headline. After you hit ‘Place Order’, you can immediately create a new ad based around the same parameters. Quick-and-Easy.

You can quickly Split-Test 6 different Headlines and get a well-attainable 20% improvement on your results.

Why This Gets Results

Facebook has a vested interest in your ads performing well. If your ads are working then you are likely to continue using them and spending more money with them. By accessing and controlling who sees your advertisements they can start drawing results and focusing on who your targeting your marketing towards.

Optimising is What We’re Doing Here.

All we’ve done is play with varying Graphics and Headlines and allowed Facebook to Optimise for us.

The Results? By working on both the Graphics and Headlines through Split-Testing to see which have the most pull, we can gain up to 70% improvement by working with six variations of each and going with the best performing. This way we Cut Straight to the Results with Razor-Sharp Certainty.

However, this is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of putting together an effective new Ad structure. If you need insight into more parts beyond Graphics and Content, then you can find the materials you need by Reading  7 Building Blocks to Constructing an Effective Facebook Ad

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