Facebook’s top 25 check-ins

Facebook has revealed the top 25 check-in destinations for 2013 and it seemed we all enjoyed tourist attractions, music and sport. Or perhaps we all just liked showing off.

Touristy hotspots were frequent on the top 25 list with Disneyland in Anaheim, California, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland all taking the top spot check-in in their respective countries. Other popular destinations included Las Ramblas in Barcelona, fashionable St Mark’s Square in Venice, Sharm el-Sheik in Egypt, Marine Bay Sands in Singapore, Blue Lagoon in Iceland and Golden Temple in Amritsar, India.

For us, it seems we (or holidaymakers) are lovers of music as the o2 came in the top check-in spot for the UK. I’m surprised in a way; I’d have thought there were many more sites in the UK that were more appealing and interesting than the o2. Perhaps though it boils down to what a lot of the rest of the list also nods to – that of the ‘showing off’ factor. For most countries the top spots were tourist destinations (look! I’m on holiday!), music such as the o2, or sporting venues (look where I am and what a great life I’m leading!).

People are more likely to check in somewhere that will impress, so whilst there may be more interesting attractions than the o2 at the home this venue also shows that someone is attending something, presumably with other people whilst also highlighting what sort of music they are in to – basically it’s believed to carry more weight in a news feed, perhaps.

Sporting venues are also popular globally. The top 25 included Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia and the national football stadium Friends Place in Solna, Sweden. For Canada their most popular check-in was the Roger Area, an indoor stadium based in Vancouver.

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