Generating Leads Using LinkedIn

Generating Leads Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great prospecting and lead generating tool when used effectively. Read more as I will be talking about generating leads using LinkedIn.


Your LinkedIn business profile is your digital business card and interactive resume. It is often the first place new business connects will go to research a new business contact. Using LinkedIn to generate leads can be a pretty straightforward process — if you’re willing to invest a little time sharing your expertise and thought leadership.


I have a system that is actually going to work with LinkedIn, or any platform to get leads and sales.


Lead Generation in LinkedIn?  


Lead generation in LinkedIn can be very frustrating. I constantly get pitched in my inbox, someone that does an InMail saying “Hey, I saw you and you were great. I thought this could really help your business”. NEWSFLASH: they’re sending that to the net to everybody. They’re just copying and pasting the same message.


Now, I personally don’t want to do that. I want to actually get people coming to me, looking to work with me. What you need to go is to demonstrate that I’m an expert. You need to demonstrate that you’re an expert in what you do.


Step 1: Content

You see, most people on LinkedIn are sell, sell, sell, sell, sell. They’re the same on all the social networks, Facebook, Google, YouTube, wherever. But what we need to do is go in with a different approach and that’s with giving value first.


What we’re going to do is we’re going to start with content. Now content is what’s going to differentiate us in our marketplace. It’s going to make sure we’re not in this sea of sameness and we stand out as the go to expert. So content is there to demonstrate you’re the expert in your market, but also to demonstrate how your product can help serve people.


Now some of you have businesses that people look for: 


If you’re a foot doctor, someone will look for a foot doctor, and they’ll look for that service on Google or another social network. However, some people don’t know that you exist.  If that’s you, you need to use content to show people what can be done, right to just show them this is the new way of doing stuff.


So how do we get leads?

Step 2: Value 

Well, if you just ask people to become a lead at that stage, is still not really going to work. You need to give them more value. We need to create something that we can give to them. In return, they’re going to opt in and they’re going to be a lead for our business then.


So there’s lots of different valuable things that we can give away, it can be guide, a report, a discount voucher, get them to opt in for a training, or a live event. There’s loads of different stuff that we can get them to opt in for.


Step 3: Capture leads 

We’re going to capture them as a lead at this stage. And that’s really, really key here. One of the ways that we capture leads is to get our clients to book in for a call. Right. So they booked in for a discovery call. And you can talk about your product and service and see if it’s a good fit for that client.


Now, this is very different, rather than you going to them saying, Do you want to work with me, they’re coming to you, and they’re booking into your diary, that makes a huge difference to the relationship. The call will be way more successful.


Alternatively, you could get them to book a visit. So maybe you book they book into your diary and you go out and see them, you got to physically meet them, and help them grow their business, and talk about what you can do for them on that meeting, right, or last way that we do. One other way that we do, if you can sell something cheap, that can be a way to activate them as a customer.


Step 4: Core offer 

Now, on that visit, or discovery call. If you’re doing that method, you’re going to offer your core offer at this stage. Whatever your core product or services, this is where you’re going to offer it.


Most people do that on the first step and that annoys people. When you see a post on social media, look at the posts that you see on social media, when they’re from a business and they sell something, look at the engagement of hardly any likes and hardly any comments.


Step 5: Continue to sell 

Now, the last one is the most important one. And that’s to continue to sell to people. What happens is, most people that I come across all they say is how can I get more leads in my business? How can I get more new clients?




Business Example: 

Think about Apple Company


Apple started selling computers, then they started selling iPods, iPhones and iPads. Now they sell Apple Watches Apple Watches and air tags. They’re gonna sell cars at some point in the future as well.


Apple looks at their market and they look up what else do these people want? Because if they don’t buy the headphones from Apple, they’re going to buy them from Sennheiser or Sure, or Etymotic or someone else in that brand. Apple looked at the market and they saw Tiger was selling these GPS trackers, so they made their own. And that’s important that you look to do that as well.




Ways To Generate More Leads In LinkedIn 

Ways To Generate More Leads In LinkedIn

LinkedIn appears to be used by everyone. Ultimately, if you aren’t utilizing LinkedIn or aren’t using it frequently enough, you are likely missing out on substantial business chances. But are you actually generating leads and referrals?


Studies show that LinkedIn is the most effective paid and organic social media channel for businesses, with 82% of entrepreneurs claiming to have had the most success on the platform.


  • Maintain a Quality Profile

Your LinkedIn profile serves as a virtual business card and CV. It’s generally the first place new business contacts look for information on a new contact.


  • Add connections to your network

You can widen your network and become known as someone who broadens the network by investing a minute or two each working day pressing the “connect” button on the “People You May Know” list that LinkedIn puts in your feed.


  • Build out your lead list

Spend five minutes a day looking into your contacts’ connections to find who you don’t know but would like to meet. Make a list of the people you’d like to introduce you to. Start with the “Recommendations” section because those are most likely the LinkedIn user’s strongest relationships.


  • Post an quality content updates

Every time you post an update, it appears in the feeds of everyone with whom you’re connected. When you provide updates, however, you should never sell. Instead, add value and share your knowledge.


Take 60 seconds to post a “Update” to your LinkedIn network. Use the daily update to send a link to an article or video that your prospects and customers will find useful. Alternatively, you can use the “Pulse” (formerly “LinkedIn Today”) function on your LinkedIn dashboard.


  • Join LinkedIn groups your clients and customers are in

You can use content and updates to spark conversations about relevant issues or just promote your services. If you join groups properly, your potential clients will be able to see what you say and perceive you as a reliable source of knowledge.




To sum it up: 

LinkedIn is just a tool. Your ability to wield it will directly impact the results you get from it. There is no secret sauce or shortcut to LinkedIn lead generation. Like most things, it takes time, effort, and energy.


When I work with you, I’ll help you figure out all of this stuff out particularly what your lead capture is going to be, particularly what you’re going to continue to sell to people. And then when you’re ready implemented into your business, it’s going to be an absolute game changer.



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