Google Joins the Smart Watch Foray with Android Wear

Google has thrown its hat in the ring with Samsung and Sony in an attempt to grab a share of the emerging market for smart watches.  If you are like so many other young men you will be intrigued by the possibility of wearing something that James Bond could have worn, so you will want to pay close attention to these new devices which look like bulkier versions of traditional watches, but have the ability to interface with the internet.

Samsung has already rolled out its Galaxy Gear, while Sony has introduced its SmartWatch.  A number of new startups like Pebble have also tried to make their mark in this incipient technological niche as well.  While these devices have made an impression on the public—and are a hot property within the high tech industry—they have not been as popular in sales.  The major complaints about these devices are that they appear to be too large and cumbersome to be considered fashionable. Criticism has also been directed at the short battery life. Although not strictly intended to replace smart phones, these devices do provide access internet but with limited functionality.  These reasons have contributed to the popular consensus that the next generation of smart watches will be more suitable.

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Android Wear will be powered by a modified mobile Android operating system.  This new OS will include voice recognition technology and has been developed specifically for smart watches in mind. Google developed the new OS with partnerships with LG, Motorola, Asus, HTC and Samsung. The chips for the new smart watches were designed and produced with the assistance of Qualcomm, Intel, Broadcom, Imagination, and MediaTek.

The first of these new mobile Android OS powered smart watches will be released by LG.  The smart watches released by Sony and Samsung also utilized Android operating systems—although Samsung has switched to Tizen recently—but Google is attempting to improve and standardize the Android performance, similarly to what it has done in the smart phone market.

Among the new features found in the new Android smart watches will be the Google Now functionality which is also found on its Google Glass.  This functionality is prompted by a voice command, “Okay, Google.”  Google Now permits the wearer to send a text message, receive social media alerts, use sms services and utilize a variety of apps.  The new OS should also enable integration with health and fitness related applications, similar to Nike Fuelband.

Android wear should also interface with other Google powered devices like Chromebooks and Google TV’s.  While there is no word on the battery life of these new devices, from the promotional videos that were released, it appears that Google has responded to the criticism that smart watches were too bulky.  The new watches appear to be similar in size to a conventional watch.

I have long been an Apple fan, but I am seriously impressed with this new smart watch and I expect them to grow in popularity very rapidly.  So, if you have been waiting for a smart watch that is sleek, elegant and highly functional, the new Android Wear is likely your dream come true.

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