How To Create An Expert Business

How To Create An Expert Business – Follow These Steps

One way to help increase business and attract attention is to become an expert in your business. But how to create an expert business?


First understand this we are all naturally good at something with skills and talents that other people might not have.


It might not be expert-level just yet but if you want to be considered an expert in something, start with a skill set that doesn’t need you to start from scratch.

Get connected in your industry.


A lot of business owners think you must destroy your competitors to be successful.   However collaboration is going to get you a lot quicker results.  In fact teaming up with competitors is a great way to leverage their customers to your benefit.


Dont look for personal gain when collaborating, see what you can do to help others in your industry.  When I started in the Expert space, I started a podcast and interviewed industry leaders.


If your industry has organisations related to your industry, join them and see how you can add value.


Which industry experts could you help?  When I started I helped Andy Harrington with his marketing.  Thats got me known to his huge audience and made me over £100,000 in sales just by helping someone.



Helping Andy Harrington got me connected to some of the biggest coaches in the UK.

I have gone on to coach a lot of the people at this table, that has adding millions to their sales in the last few years.


All because I connected with someone in my industry and gave value first with no expectations of anything in response.

Create content related to your industry. 


Content demonstrates you are an expert in your niche so make content around whatever your product or service is.


If you are the Expert producing content around your topic or niche people will find that content and see you as the Expert.


Most people are not willing to do this, they expect to launch a business and people just buy.  Sadly thats not how it works, people must see you as an Expert and content is the best way to achieve this.



My client Ronald produces weekly content around health and wellbeing.  That content made him a world wide expert on Psoriasis and his content has helped thousands of people.


Because they produced regular content Ronald and wife Petrina got a regular slot on a radio station.   Thats the power of content, not only will your clients see you as an Expert other Industry leaders will.


Content marketing is a long-term strategy that uses content to build a stronger relationship with your audience, capture their attention, improve engagement, and improve brand recall.  It takes time to produce and patience to see results.  But is the most important element of achieve your Expert status.



How to Create An Expert Business Online?


In order to have an expert business, you have to be positioned as the go-to-expert in your industry. And as mentioned above CONTENT IS KING.


You need to be producing things like:

  • Videos
  • Guides
  • Tutorials
  • Blogs

These are things that positions you as the go to expert in your industry. People will come and buy your products and services when they’re ready.  If you are the person that gave value first you will win the business.


Content helps start the process of them knowing you, liking you and trusting you. They get to know you in a in an easy environment where there’s no pressure to buy anything.


James Nicholson Webinar

(Click on the above image to get a FREE one hour training on growing your business, there is nothing to buy on the training)


Write a book


Having a book is a great way to position yourself as The Expert in your niche.  I have dozens of students on my Business Accelerator who have published books, every single one of them has seen a marked increase in sales since.


How To Create An Expert Business

My book Expert Mastery has sold thousands of copies, while I don’t make a profit selling the book I do make very good income by having it.  The reason for that is a lot of the buyers of the book choose to buy more products and services from me.


What To Do When You Have An Expert Business? 


Once you are seen as The Expert in your niche its time to create products and services that serve your audience.  Start with some lower value items, such as a book to get people to try your services.


Once you have buyers, you need to create additional products and services to help them further.  In my book Expert Mastery I lay out how you can create a value ladder to serve your clients better.  You can grab a FREE copy of my book here.


Business Accelerator Product Ladder

Here is an example of my value ladder, I have different products and services to help people at all levels.


The more a client spends the more time they get with me personally, as an Expert its important to not sell one to one services as your first product.


By offering more expensive products it allows your clients to grow with you.  As they get results and success they can buy your more expensive products and services.


PRO TIP: In order to effectively rebrand to highlight your expert status, it helps to look closely at your product or service and how it relates to your target market. The bottom line is that your business has given you unique expertise that makes you the go-to expert in your field.


If you want to know a bit more about how you can do this, I have tons of content about business tips, funding advice and marketing strategies. I have lots of great content to help you grow a business on my Youtube channel here.


So thats how to create an Expert Business.  Reach out to me on one of my social profiles, I would love to know your thoughts.

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