How To Get More Done In Business

How To Get More Done In Business

Let’s talk about how to get more done in business.


Answer me this question.


If you could get more done in your business would you make more money?  Or maybe would it give you more time to spend with your loved ones?


Great if you want more time or more money, the secret is getting more done in your business.


In the post I will be talking about how you can get more done in your business.

Let’s NOT confuse being busy and actually achieving results in your business as the same thing.


The fact that we work long hours does not mean our  business is doing well.  In fact my  first business I worked over 80 hours a week, at the end of it I ended up with £50,000 in debt.


If you have not heard my story go check it out here.


I was a busy fool and ended up not getting the results or lifestyle I craved.


Now it is possible to get a lot more done in your business in less time.  In fact its one of the most important things to you achieving the results you want.


Being busy isn’t smart. In fact, it’s actually a counterintuitive thing.  Remember when you were at school they told you to work hard.


Well if you are working on the wrong stuff, its does not matter how hard you work you won’t get what you  want.


You’re not going to get the results you want,  you will just be a busy fool.


Sadly, a lot of business owners do this, but I don’t want you to do the same.


How To Get More Done In Business


  • Work on the right stuff in your business. The stuff that’s going to take you forward. You must work on income producing tasks.
  • Only work on stuff that gets you MORE Leads & MORE Sales.
  • Outsource £10 tasks, book keeping, email management.  Those tasks keep you busy and hold you back.
  • Focus on getting more customers
  • Build relationships with existing clients to sell new products to them.


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How can I get my work done fast?


To get more done in your business, you need to be focused on those income producing tasks. This can be very beneficial if you do it right.


What are example of income producing tasks? 


  • You need to be stuff that’s going to be bringing in high ticket sales, getting more leads, and effectively taking your business to the next level.


  • You shouldn’t be doing the stuff that you could outsource to others things like bookkeeping and accountancy, you can outsource that.


  • Look for industry events, webinars and workshops where your clients will be. Where you can meet potential collaborators and referral sources.


  • One of the easiest ways to increase your revenue and profitability is to sell more to your existing customers. It’s much easier and cheaper to optimise the sale to a client who already trusts you and has bought something from you.  Most business owners focus on selling to new clients all the time, this is exhausting. 


Don’t confuse being busy with being effective. It’s not one and the same.


So I hope you found that useful. Think about what you should be doing right now. Click here if you want more business tips, marketing strategies and business funding advices!


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