How To Grow Your Business With Digital Products

How To Grow Your Business With Digital Products

Let me share with you how to grow your Business with Digital Products. 


Digital products are a great tool to make huge profits in any business.  Adapting and changing with the times is key to surviving and thriving in a competitive market.


I want to talk to you today about digital assets and using digital assets in your business.

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Digital assets are one of my favourite products to sell. I’ve seen digital assets work in a plethora of businesses.


They could be used in all types of businesses, digital products give you pretty much 100% margin because you’ve got people buying products that you have produced once over and over.


I used to sell a lot of iPod accessories in my first ecommerce business. At the time, people would buy a lot of magazines and guides on what’s the best speaker or the best set of headphones they also wanted reviews and stuff like that.


I could have packaged some of that stuff up to make digital products that went alongside my iPod accessories, to give me more margin and to give them more value.


You can do that in any type of business, I work with a Pizza Chef who has an online Pizza making course.

Fabio Pizza Course

The course took 1 day to make and so far has made £1000 in sales. Its only been on Udemy a few months and will continue to pay Fabio every month for life.  


Its truly passive income for Fabio. 


And over the next few years he will make 10’s of thousands of pounds in sales. 


If you are a local estate agent, you could teach people how to sell their house faster.


You could make a digital product that teaches them exactly how to do that. 


I want you to think about what could you make as a digital product that allows you to get more margin in your business.


It doesn’t have to be long, it could be a course that’s maybe an hour or two.


That will give you margin that will allow you to spend more on gaining customers and use that margin from that to get and attract new customers and spend on Facebook ads, Google ads, and newspaper ads. 


Regardless of what you’re selling, whether online or off, the key is to always provide value. If what you have to offer is of value to others, you can sell it.


Do you sell digital products on your business? We’d love to hear how it’s going! Let us know in the comments down below. 


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James Nicholson 30 Lead Gen Strategies
James Nicholson 30 Lead Gen Strategies
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