Monday Motivation – 31st March 2014

I had a great weekend in Bristol celebrating my God Daughters 4th birthday. We had a little taste of Summer this weekend I am looking forward to the great weather in the next few months.

This weeks video is from the Barcelona Olympics in 1992, Derek Anthony Redmond was a favourite to win the 400 metres sprint. He tore his hamstring in the Semi Final and could easily have been forgotten, however he did something that became one of the most well-remembered moments in Olympics History.

Derek did not give up, he continued the race and managed to complete a full lap of the track as the crowd gave him a standing ovation.

While not in Derek’s mind at the time, he became an advertisers dream being signed by Nike & Visa to campaigns.

So always remember never give up, times may be hard but the hard times build your character and often lead to greater things.

Check out these inspirational quotes from Twitter this week. Make sure you share the love with your followers by retweeting them to your users.

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