5 Steps To Getting More Leads & More Sales In Your Business

Leads are the lifeblood of any business, let’s face it without a lead you have nobody to sell your product or service to. Most business owners do not have a predictable way of getting leads into their business.  

Well, it does not have to be like that, read this quick blog where I share with you my 5 steps to getting more leads and more sales. 

In this post I’m going to give you the foundations, exactly what any business needs to follow to win online. These are my five-step system to getting more sales and more leads into your business, I call this my Business Accelerator Methodology.

Now, it starts at the very beginning. What most businesses are doing right now is they’re trying to get married on a first date, which let’s face it is very creepy, right? 

Maybe they’ve tried Facebook ads, Youtube ads, and Instagram ads and for them, it’s not working. The number one reason for that is because they’ve gone straight for the sale, they did not build any relationship with that audience. The audience doesn’t know them or don’t trust them quite frankly. 

So you’re going to do things differently. And if you do these five steps, your business will be positioned to reap the rewards of getting leads and sales online. 

Now, how do you start that journey? How do you get people to know you, to like you, and to trust you? 


  1. Well, it starts with content. You see, content is essential for any business. It’s a key pillar of educating an audience. The main importance of content is to make the audience know you, like you and trust you, and see you as an expert. 

What I need you to do is to look out there in the market for problems that your customers currently have, and provide solutions for those people. 

Example #1: In my business, I work business to business, my clients are looking to get more leads and more sales. So I will create content videos to educate them. They can learn strategies to get more leads into their business. And once they have a lead to actually turn that lead into a paying customer. But it starts with content first, I have to demonstrate I have a solution that can help their business.

Example #2: If you’re an estate agent, maybe you can do a tour around a property, you show investors around a property and give them some ideas on how they could turn a three-bedroom house into a four-bedroom, or they can add value to that property, and be known as that local expert.  Its not just selling the house, its having a different angle to every other estate agent in your town.

(This is a student of mine Moss Properties a local estate agent in Doncaster. Using the Business Accelerator Methodology they have 43 thousand views on their video.)

Example #3: If you worked as a plumber, maybe you could show them some tips on making sure their boiler is more productive, and how to make sure their pipes don’t get blocked, or how to bleed a radiator or something like that. 

This whole content is there to position you as the expert and give them value.


  1. Now, once you’ve got that content out there, you then need to capture some leads. I’m sure you’d agree that once you’ve got lots of leads, then you’re going to have more opportunities to sell to people. So you need is to make that lead capture a little bit easier than it normally is.

Imagine if you went on an estate agents website, and they had houses for sale and houses to rent. The sort of website where they tell you the services and had a “Contact Us” page, those sorts of websites generally get about 1% of the people who make inquiries. That generally means you need 100 visitors to get one person ringing the phone.  Im not sure about you but that sounds exhausting, seriously getting 100 people to visit your site is a lot of work or money.

Now if you want to use something like Google AdWords, where it could be as much as five pounds for a click, that means just one inquiry might cost you as much as 500 pounds, which is very expensive. That means you need to be smarter, you need to get other strategies to get people to give you their email address their contact details so they become a lead. 

And what we do is we give some sort of high-value giveaway we call that a lead magnet that could be a guide or report , it could be a discount voucher, there are various things that you can use to create lead magnets with and give those away. 

Example #1: So if your e-Commerce store it could be a discount voucher.

Example #2: if you’re a service based business, it could be some sort of guide or report on improving a problem the client has.

(A guide we created to help with Facebook Advertising.)

Your goal is to get people to opt-in by giving away something of value.

Now, if you do that via what we call a “squeeze page”, then you might get as high as 50% of the people opting in, there’s a big difference, right?

We’ve gone from 1%, opt to as high as 50%.

But what if you’re not as good as people that are getting 50%? What if you just go to 10%, that means you’re going to get 10 times more leads, than you currently do without this five-step system. 


  1. Now the third step is that we want to turn them into a customer. We must look to activate them as a customer as quickly as possible. I’m sure if you’ve bought something and you’ve had a good service, you generally give it a go, and possibly buy more stuff from that business. 

Now, ideally, we want to activate these people as a customer with a micro-purchase. So if you can splinter something out in your business and sell it for less than 10 pounds, that’s going to be a winner for your business. 

(I give people a FREE copy of my book Expert Mastery, if you want a FREE copy go here.)

But if you can’t because maybe you sell a high-value or bespoke item, what you might need to do in this scenario, is to activate them as a customer by getting them to book a consultation call, you get them to book it on your time you get them to book into your diary. So they’re chasing you, you’re not chasing them.

My client Tanya Grant uses the Business Accelerator Methodology to do exactly that, when people get her guide they can schedule a call with her.


  1. The fourth step in this process is your core offer. The problem with the fourth step is most businesses are offering it straightaway. They’re trying to get married on a first date, and it’s creepy. Often things like Facebook ads, Google ads, YouTube ads, Snapchat, whatever it is that you do doesn’t work if you go straight for the sale.

Give massive value using content, guides and reports before you offer your core offer.


Pro tip: You have to take clients on a journey. The most important step here is once you’ve got people to buy from your core offer, you must continue to sell to them. You need to look at creating premium products or services, or partnering with somebody and get more value to that customer as well. 

If you can offer them more products and services, they’re probably looking for those kinds of things. If they can take them as a recommendation from you and you’ve given them a good service already, they’re going to be happy that you’ve helped them that little bit further. And ultimately, you’ve made your business more money. 

Most business owners are constantly looking for new leads and sales all the time and what they should be doing is looking to monetise the current leads and sales a little bit more by offering them more products and services.

You could do this by following up by telephone, email marketing via direct mail, or whatever medium you choose that’s suitable for your audience.  You need to keep in touch with these people and ultimately get more value from them.

So let’s just recap on those five steps:

  1. The first step is that we start with content. We put content out there that helps solve our customers’ issues that position us as the go-to expert in any market
  1. We then look to capture leads. We do that by giving something away (a guide, a report and discount voucher, or whatever it is that you can work out to give away to an audience).  In return, they’ll give you their name, email address, phone number, and whatever it is that you’re looking for. 
  1. The third step is to activate them as a customer. We’re going to do whichever strategy that works for you. We’ve got several different ways that we can get to activate clients that we teach our students, 


  • A heavy discount. Try to sell them something under 10 pounds is a great way to activate them as a customer. 
  • Get them onto a consultation call or get them to book in for a quote. 

But rather than you chasing them, they chase you. They should book online using some software. 

  1. So the fourth step, you can offer them your core offer. People can book appointments with you, then you’re in a position of power, you’re way more likely to close them then you offer them your core offer. That’s going to ultimately help you get more leads and more sales.
  1. You need to continue to sell to these people, you’ve spent all that time and all that money bringing in these people as leads and sales into your business. Now is the time to monetize those leads, make new products and services partner with people, whatever it is that you can do to serve that customer, and give them ultimately, a better result and a better experience. 

So that’s it, the five steps are there. 

Clearly you are interested in growing your business, so I have created a FREE 30 Lead Gen Strategies Guide. Grab your copy here, see what I did there thats capture working all its magic.

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