Wednesday Business Wisdom – 26th February 2014

Welcome to Wednesday Business Wisdom! Every Wednesday we will bring you some great tips that you may find beneficial for your business. Sometimes these tips may be focused on a certain sector, perhaps not your own, but you may have some inspiration on how could you implement something similar into your business sector.

So, the stormy weather has been almost relentless since October. And while this has brought hardship to many over the winter period, it does lend some great opportunities for businesses, including tradesmen.

Business Tip 1

If you are working on a client’s property, try getting a testimonial from them. Then utilise a service like to find other residents on that road. Send them a personal letter detailing your services for the first client in their area. Make sure you include the client’s testimonial. I am certain you will find some of those people contacting you.

This simple tip could work for most businesses, I believe. If you are an Estate Agent, use testimonials from people who have sold, purchased or let with you. Remember, making it personal will win you a much more rewarding response. You might even consider hand-writing the envelopes, or sending the letters in coloured envelopes, so they stand out.

If you are a flooring fitter, you might even consider including pictures of the finished product along with the testimonial. Plumbers should consider showing a bathroom they have installed, kitchen companies could display their final kitchen installation. The above tips can be adapted to almost any business with a little endeavour and creative thinking.

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