Persistence Is The Key To Business Success

Why You Must Be Persistent In Business To Succeed

So let’s look at why you must be persistent in business to succeed.

Persistence is the key to business success, I know because at the time of writing this I have been in business 17 years.

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In that time I have seen thousands of businesses come and go.  Really good businesses no longer exist because they did not pivot and adapt to the ever changing business landscape.

Your business is more likely to succeed if your mindset is to persist through the tough times.

(Check out this video I made half way along Route 66, it shares why you must be persistent in business to succeed)

Why is Persistence important?

As I mentioned above I have seen thousands of business owners come and go.  Some smarter than others, some with better businesses than others.  However its not always the best business that survives, you see most people give up the first time they face difficulty.

Recently I travelled Route 66 with my partner Katy, its an amazing trip and I highly recommend it goes onto your bucket list.  The halfway point is a town called Adrian, its tiny and almost nobody lives there.  To get halfway took us hours and hours and hours of driving.  But to get to the end we needed to keep going.

Most business owners give up at the halfway point they are stuck in Adrian, Ive seen business owners give up when they were so close to the finish line.

By starting a business you take on a lot of risk, maybe you quit a well paid job.

You might have invested your life savings to start the business.  A lot of business owners have unrealistic expectations, they expect huge profits from day 1 while working less hours than their previous job.

High profits and working less hours will come once you set up your business the right way and stick with it.

Find your purpose

You need to have a reason for doing what you do.  They say if your why does not make you cry then you need a new why.

My why is my family, thats me with my beautiful daughter Amelie.

But thats not the only reason I run my business.

With my first business I needed to learn how to get leads and sales online.  The problem I found was so much of what was on offer was get rich quick.

It was super spammy content and some of the strategies taught could damage your website.

Thats why I decided to share what was working in my business, I documented everything down so I could show others stuff that actually worked.

I wanted to make a stand against all the bad strategies out there.

Celebrate your successes

You need to have small goals you set in business and celebrate each win.  My first business I worked myself to the bone, never taking time off for holidays or to spend time with family and friends.

That was a huge mistake and eventually it burnt me out.

Now I set targets in my business that are achievable.  I then reward myself, it might be as simple as a day off in the week to spend with Amelie.   It could be a holiday, whatever its important to set your goal so you can achieve it.

(Watch this video I made while in Thailand about the importance of rewarding yourself.)

Change your environment.

Its tough to work in the same environment every day and expect huge results in your business.  What the pandemic has taught us is we can work pretty much anywhere we choose as long as we have internet.

Changing your environment is a great way to get focused on your business.  Maybe just working an afternoon in a coffee shop will give you fresh focus that you needed in your business.

James Nicholson Working In Thailand

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Surround yourself with successful persistent people

The people you surround yourself are a real key to your success in business.  If you hang around with people not pushing themselves every single day it will slow down your progress massively.

Some business owners gave up during the pandemic, saying it was impossible to continue their business.  Others adapted and embraced the internet to sell their products and services online.

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(Imagine what its going to be like having a group of like minded business owners to share your ideas)

Let’s be honest we all have days we just want to give up.  Having a driven community of business owners who will pick you up when you are down is really important.

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The problem with patience

Now you could just sit and wait to get results in your business.  Your parents might have told be patient and good things will come.  While that sounds great its not really practical in business.

Just waiting for things to come to you nothing will happen.  You need to be a go getter you need to be persistent and go get what you want.  Business can be tough so make it easier by pushing your business as hard as you can.

Thats why you must be persistent in business to succeed

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