Do I Need A Business Coach or Mentor?

Do I Need A Business Coach Or Mentor?

Does I need a business coach or mentor? Its a very common question I hear all the time.

Every entrepreneur is unique and so is their path to business growth and success.

However, business owners struggle with running a business and achieving business success. That’s where the small business coach comes in.

(Do I Need A Business Coach Or Mentor? Find the answer in this video)

Mentoring vs Coaching

A coach is someone who has the roll of keeping you on track.  Their role is to ensure you implement and hold you accountable as the business owner. Mentoring is more strategic, a mentor has often got the results you are looking to attain.  They will give you the strategy you need to grow your business.  This will be from experience they already have.

What is a business mentor, and what do they do?

Your Business Mentor already has the experience you are lacking.  They bridge the gap between the issues you currently have and the result you want to achieve.

A Business Mentor is often a longer term relationship, they need to really get to know your business.  Your Mentor will help you adapt and pivot as you grow your business.  Every business owner comes up against obstacles, things will always come up and your mentor will help guide you through difficult times faster.

You should seek a mentor you look up to, they don’t always have to be from your industry.  But they must have achieved success in their respective business.

Your mentor could be a family member or friend that has achieved success in their business.

A key thing to consider in choosing a mentor is they must have had success in their business.  While you might value your friends and families input into your business, if they have not been successful in business you must take it with a pinch of salt.

Always TRUST your mentor, they have the results you want to achieve.  It essential you listen to their advice and whatever you feel implement it, they have your best interests at heart.

The real world experience your mentor has is unlike anything you could learn from a book.

UK's Leading Business Mentor

What is a business coach, and what do they do?

Once you have the strategies you need from your Business Mentor, its now time to implement.

Be honest with yourself here, have you ever procrastinated or just not started something you know you should have done?

I have.

Something strange happens when you are accountable to someone.  The chances of you implementing the task rise dramatically.

I see this every single week with the people I mentor.   Every week they come onto a weekly coaching call and 9 times out of 10 they have implemented everything I set them the prior week.

Thats for a few reasons, they don’t want to let me down and they want to keep up with their peers.

Its the same as the gym, lots of people make excuses why they don’t go.  They have good intentions in the morning to go, then throughout the day they come up with excuses no to go.

However those that have a personal trainer are 90% more likely to go.

The reason?

They don’t want to let down their personal trainer.  Because of that they get the results they wanted.  Now it costs a little more but its the result you want and thats why its important to be held accountable.

Your Business Coach should challenge you if you make excuses about why you cant do something.  Having a business coach will make the stuff thats important to growing your business become a priority.

Every single successful entrepreneur and business owner you have had will have both a Business Mentor & Business Coach.

Do I need a mentor or a coach?

In short, if you want fast results in your business and someone to hold you accountable then yes.   If you want to lose weight, the fastest way to do that is with a personal trainer.

A Mentor will give you the strategies and the road map, the coach will get you to implement what you learn from the mentor.

(The awesome Tanya Grant of TNG Design, I am her Business Mentor)

In the video above I talk about athletes and how coaches and mentors impact their success.   In the USA university sports have such a high standard, even as good as the professionals in the paid leagues.

Coaches for University teams often earn millions of $$$ every year.  They can only earn that kind of money because of the results they get for their athletes and players.

College Football is big business in America, they have refined their strategies and systems for years.  A small improvement in a team can result in millions of extra income for the University through TV rights and Merchandise sales.

They take coaching and mentoring very very seriously and you should too.

In conclusion

In business, it’s very rare that people will have accountability coaches or mentors in their business.

Those that do get exponentially faster results.

Business is tough.

Don’t make it harder for yourself trying to figure stuff out.

Using a coach & mentor will save you so much time and money.   Trying to figure stuff out yourself in business, is expensive and also very slow.

Small business owners need to discover what works for them and their business. Managing a business is constantly changing and has gotten more complex.

A business coach can help to speed up the learning curve to guide a founder from his comfort zone towards business growth effectively.

Any business owner can benefit significantly from a professional coach who can help to speed up the unpredictable process with action plans, coaching programs, and coaching sessions.

I am certain you are here because you want to grow your business.  Well one of the MOST important things is to define your Customer Avatar.  Check out this new blog post I wrote on exactly that.  Check out the post here.

James Nicholson 30 Lead Gen Strategies
James Nicholson 30 Lead Gen Strategies
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