Why and How You Must Think Big In Business

How And Why You Must Think Big In Business

As a small business owner, you may have goals of your company becoming the next Amazon or Apple.


Let’s talk about why you must think big in business.


Thinking big will help you to see opportunities that might be invisible in front of small minds. Much like anything worth doing, thinking bigger in business takes time and effort. Read more on this blog to know why. 



So what’s the first step towards focusing on the big picture? Don’t lose sight of your long-term goals in exchange for accomplishing the daily to-do list. 


One of the critical things that you can learn from Texas is about thinking big as an entrepreneur.


As entrepreneurs, it’s important that we think big because we’re the people that change the world and you need to think big, like a Texan, because everything in Texas is huge.


Texas Restaurant

Thats me outside the Big Texan Steak Ranch. This place is absolutely incredible. It’s got two stories and they have a steak challenge which makes them stand out.


It’s the only place around here that offers this. If you can make a 72-ounce steak with multiple jackets, potatoes, and all sorts of things in an hour, then you get it for free.  


When I was there it was absolutely packed you had to queue to get in.


Amarillo is a little place but these guys thought big. They created this incredible and colossal restaurant everything as well in there is their own. They’ve got their own products, things like barbecue sauce that you can buy. That means that they’ve got margin as well. 


Honestly its the biggest restaurant Ive ever seen and it makes millions of $$$ profit a year from one location.


Very few restaurants do that.


James Nicholson Webinar


Thinking Big In Business


The message from this is just to think a little bigger in your business.


These guys have a restaurant like every other restaurant in Amarillo but they decided to go big.


They got themselves known for one thing, which was the steak challenge, and everyone from miles around has heard of this place. A lot of people come in from out of town, people doing route 66 to try the steak challenge to try the food to try the incredible beers and stuff like that. 


Start thinking bigger. Let’s see how we can grow your business. Your business may have started small, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Plan for growth and always seek out better prospects in your business. You can then expand to something larger, successfully, and on your terms overtime. 


Now that you have allowed yourself to think big, imagine the future. Close your eyes and see how your business will be like in 1 or in 5 years and tell me what you see!


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