Why Do You Need A Customer Persona

Why Do You Need A Customer Persona?

You may be wondering why do you need a customer persona in your business?


Well, crafting a customer persona is the most important marketing foundation you should invest your time on.  On my Business Accelerator programme, its one of the first things we look at.


If you use it effectively, you’ll have endless leads and sales!  Not only that, the type of people you want to work with.


Read more about this as I discuss to you the importance of having a customer persona.


But first.. What Is A Customer Persona?  


Well, some people call it customer avatar. Other people call it a customer persona. Other people will call it an ideal customer profile, all of them are the same thing.

A Customer Persona is a detailed description of a person who represents a specific target market for your business. The customer you want to work with. .

( I have a detailed discussion about that here in this video above.)


Why Do You Need A Customer Persona? Why Should You Create One? 


The main reason why you need to craft a customer persona because it’s essential to your business success.


A customer persona provides valuable understanding into who your ideal customer is, what they want, where they spend their time, and how your service can solve their problem. It is a fictional customer with wants and needs based on your own research and data.




Customer Persona Exercise 


If you don’t have one, then use this simple exercise to craft your own. 


What I want you to think about here, is go back and think about the last 10 customers that you had in your business.


I’m certain that not all of those 10 customers were equal.


I would imagine that 2 out of 10 customers were absolutely a dream to work with.


Maybe they paid you on time, didn’t haggle on price or maybe even thanked you after you created the product or service for them that you agreed to do.


And what we need as business owners is to attract more of those ideal people, not only that we need to repel the types of people we don’t want to work with.


James Nicholson Webinar


They have similarities:


  • Maybe they hang out on the same social networks, maybe it’s LinkedIn, Yahoo, Pinterest, who knows?
  • Maybe they read the same books or the same magazines, all of this information is important to us, when we’re marketing to those people?


In my business we know all this information about our clients.


books they read


These are some of the books we know people like you read.  Cheeky plug for my book there, if you want a FREE copy go here.


When we know our avatar, we can actually push away the people who are time wasters, don’t make fast decisions, or have no money for your products or service.


By doing that, you’re going to attract more of the people that you want to work with and you can be more selective on who you work with.


My suggestion to you as a business owner, would be that you start to creep up your price until you get to a ceiling. Every business owner that I come across could easily charge more for their product or service. My job is to teach you how to get more of those ideal customers and then get more of them in more leads into your business and convert them into sales.


How Many Customer Personas Should You Have


Great question, some business can work with lots of different types of people.  Think McDonalds, my daughter Georgia who is 20 goes there for McFlurrys and to charge her phone.


I on the other hand would go for a Big Mac or Quarter Pounder.   We are both potential customers for McDonalds however think about this, an advert to me for a McFlurry would not be very effective.


Also consider we hang out on different social networks.  Georgia is on Tiktok and Snapchat, I am more on Youtube and Facebook.


So you should start with one customer persona, then once you are marketing to those people effectively you add additional personas.  There is no limit add as many as you need but do one at a time.


Ive got a more detailed blog post which includes a FREE pdf template you can use here.


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