How To Be Fearless In Business

How To Be Fearless In Business

Most business people do not reach their full potential because fear keeps them from taking action and reaching their full potential.


Today I want to talk about how to be fearless in business.


We dream of becoming successful business owners but taking the leap is challenging. It’s quite common to talk yourself out of a business idea before you even have a chance to explore possibilities.


Fear can make every obstacle seem unconquerable. Remember, your mindset can change with the right techniques.  Super successful business owners are not more skilled or lucky than you.  They just said yes more and failed faster which got them to things that worked really well for them.



How To Be Fearless In Business? 


Here is a quick lesson from a trip I took to New York, I took a visit to the Ice Rink in Central Park.


There’s loads of little kids that are just flying around on the ice, literally fearless.   They are speeding around the rink having a whale of a time on the ice, but a lot of the adults are falling over, they’re hesitant, they’re a bit scared to go on there.


Wollman Rink. Central Park
Wollman Rink. Central Park


When we’re younger, we’re fearless, we just take on challenges. That’s something that I think changes as we grow older.


A lot of business owners are fearless when they start, but over time they like to take the safe bet.  Sadly that holds them back, without taking risks you dont get the rewards you could if you stepped out your comfort zone.


Without taking educated risks your business wont grow a lot of business owners get paralysed by fear.


To get over that, I challenge you to say yes more often.  Richard Branson credits saying yes to opportunities as the number one reason for his success.  He says yes then figures out how to get it to work.


Not everything you try will work, but the more you try the faster you will get to the things that take your business to the next level.


Maybe its Facebook Ads, Youtube, Google Ads, Blogging.  Until you try these things you can’t possibly know which one is going to help grow your business fastest.


You can look at things like Facebook advertising. It’s an incredible way to get customers at the moment. There’s only a few million advertisers on there. But there’s like hundreds of millions of businesses around the world.


So why aren’t most people doing Facebook Ads? Because they’re scared to take a risk they’re scared that it’s not going to work out for them.


But they could try Facebook Ads and see if they work for them. So have a look into that and see if you can get that working in your business.


Anyway, that’s it for me. If you find this useful, I have a YouTube channel and a blog page where I talk about marketing strategies, business growth tips, and business funding.


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