How To Rank Your Site In The Top 3 In Google Search

How To Rank Your Site In The Top 3 In Google Search

Want to know how to rank your site in the top 3 in Google search?


Ive spent 15 years figuring out exactly what you need to do in order to rank.


The reason you might be want to know how to rank your website in the top pages of Google is you’re looking to get more quality leads and more sales into your business.


I love using social media to grow a business, however a lead from Google will always be one of the strongest leads you get.


You see someone coming from Google has a problem, they are searching for a solution to that problem and when they become a lead you can be sure they are ready to buy.


Let me share with you some quick wins on how you can rank your site in the top 3 on Google. 


(See How To Rank Your Site In The Top 3 In Google Search Watch The Video Above)


Heres a few things that you can do you get quality content on your site, and get links to your site.  


Some of us are getting distracted with things like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and all other social media platforms but we tend to forget that the quality leads who are ready to buy are, in fact on Google. 


It’s essential that we have Google as one of the marketing strategies we have to master to get quality leads and sales into the business.


Google Website Ranking 


One of the first things you need to do is look at the landing pages for your site, you need to identify some key phrases or keywords that you want to rank for. You need pages that are specific to those key phrases. So you can, rank on page one of Google. 



If you’re an estate agent in Doncaster and you want to rank for “letting agent Doncaster” and “estate agent Doncaster”, you need two pages:


(1) You need one relevant to lettings.  example 

(2) Also one that’s relevant to being an estate agent.  example 


Each of those pages will need some quality unique content, so its useful to anyone that finds the page on Google. 


Improving Google Rankings with Keywords and Content


Create content that gives value and a great experience to your customer.


Google will reward unique content and give you a higher rankings. 


A signal your content is good is the length of time people spend on your page.   If they leave after a few seconds its clear its not useful so you will struggle to rank on page 1.


Check out the screenshot below from an article I have about the Recovery Loan Scheme the average time on the page is 6 minutes.  Remember some people leave in seconds so a 6 minute average is very high.


This is a clear signal to Google the content is good.


Google Analytics Average Session Duration

Content is king.


I am sure you have heard that phrase before.  We aim to create content that helps people who might one day use our product or service.  Recently the UK Government launched a new Recovery Loan Scheme.  We created an in-depth post to help people understand more about the loans, you can check it out here.

Recovery Loan Scheme



James Nicholson Webinar



Google will also look at which other sites are linking to you.  If your content is good then other people will share links to it on your site.


Now not all links are created equal, if your brother who gets 1 website visitor per month links to you thats great.  However if the BBC link to you Google will trust that link a lot more.  You want to get as many high quality sites linking to your pages and blog posts as possible.


Not only will they help with your Google rankings, they will also give you FREE traffic to your site.


The point with link building is to be natural, if you run a business site like me you don’t want links from Casino sites.


In Conclusion


The secret to ranking your website on Google is to produce quality content.  Google wants to show sites on page 1 that help users get solutions to problems they have.


If you are producing quality content, it then a case of getting other websites to link to your site.  Each link is like a vote of confidence, the more quality links you have the more Google will trust your site and rank you higher.


Traffic from Google is great, however you must be targeting your ideal clients.  Check out my latest blog post on crafting the perfect customer avatar.


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