What Is A Customer Avatar

What Is A Customer Avatar? Find Your Ideal Customers


If you’re on this page then there’s a good chance that you’re an entrepreneur, or business owner, a coach or a consultant or a marketer of some sort and you want to know what a customer avatar is, well keep reading because I’ve got you covered in this article.


What is a customer avatar?


You hear people use different terminology. Some people will call this a customer persona. It’s a term that you’ve commonly heard some people use others customer avatar. Let’s use the term customer avatar while I discuss it here.

A customer avatar is really the ideal customer that you want to work with. It’s a detailed profile of your ideal customer.

Customer Avatar Examples 

Let’s digest a step by step on how to craft a customer avatar in relation to your ideal customers.



If you’re starting a business,  or the last business you’re in.


Think of the last 10 customers that you had, right. I’d imagine that two of those customers were significantly easier to work with than the others, right? It’s because not all customers are created equal.

When you’re new  out in business, a lot of us will work with anyone that’s got a pulse, or a checkbook, right will work with anybody that will work with us. This is because we don’t attract enough suitable leads for our business to be able to disqualify people.

Attracting and crafting your ideal customer avatar, by doing that exercise, what will happen is you will get more of the 20% of customers that you like to work with. These are the people that:

  1. Clients that don’t haggle on price
  2. Customers that make quick decisions
  3. The ones that come back the ones that refer you, those are the sorts of people that you want to work with.

They are the customers that are grateful for the work that you do because they are pleased with whatever your product or service is. But you also have to take note that some people however hard you work, you just can’t please some people.


It’s essential to be able to attract more of your ideal customer.


How Do You Create A Customer Avatar? 


Always remember when you don’t know who to market to, you end up marketing to everyone, which is a sure bound for failure.


Now, how do you do you craft a customer avatar? There’s an exercise on crafting a customer avatar on the video about this.


Customer Avatar Worksheet

In the description of this video, I’ve got a full training, it’s on YouTube. So if you click on that link below, you get instant access and you don’t even have to put your email address in or anything like that. What will happen is that will take you to my free training on exactly what you need to do to craft your customer avatar:


  1. The questions you need to ask (Customer Avatar Worksheet) 
  2. Where do they hang out all of the stuff that you need to do
  3. That now it’s a fairly quick exercise. And by doing that, you’re going to get more effective marketing in your business.


By doing that you’re going to repel people that you don’t want to work with.  It’s not all about how many leads you get into the business or how many sales you get is, how many quality leads you get into the business, or how many quality sales that you get into your business. I’ve even included a free workbook for you guys as well to go and do that. Now fill that in. And what I want you to do is create that avatar, then go looking for your ideal customer.


Do let me know all of your thoughts on growing your business in the comments section below.


Ive got a really detailed blog post on crafting your customer avatar here.  It includes my detailed customer avatar template for free.

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