How To Sell More To Your Clients

How To Sell More To Your Clients

Let’s talk about how to sell more to your clients,  when you can provide more products and services to them not only will your profits grow but you will give them more value.


One of the easiest ways to increase your revenue and profitability is to sell more to your existing clients. It’s much easier and cheaper to optimise the sale to a client who already trusts you and has bought something from you in the past than to sell to a new prospect who has never heard of your business.


Read more as I teach you how to sell more to your clients.


One of the biggest opportunities to increase sales and profit is growing your existing clients.



Sample Scenario: buying a tailor-made suit


When you first go in, you’re a bit hesitant and you’re reluctant to make that first purchase.  The sales guys know this and focus on the lower ticket item of just the suit.


James Nicholson Suit Fitting Vietnam

(Thats me getting an amazing new suit in Hoi Ann Vietnam)


Once you go back for a second fitting you start to trust them, after-all they are delivering what they promised your shiny new suit.  At that point they will start to offer you extra shirts. another jacket or a tie.


Its easier to sell to someone who already trusts you and have received value from you.


I meet so many business owners who are constantly focused on finding new customers.  What they should be looking into is what else their clients might want from them.


James Nicholson Webinar


You need multiple products, each one gives your clients more value.   Here is an example of my product ladder, it starts with my book which people can get for FREE they just pay for the shipping.   If you want a FREE copy of my book click here.




Business Accelerator Product Ladder

For 90% of my customers they work with me on my Business Accelerator which is a programme teaching them how to get leads and sales online.  For 10% of my clients they want more advanced mentoring which I offer via my Academy and Inner Circle.


When I started coaching, I did not have my higher level mentoring so was constantly looking for new clients and it was exhausting.



Its easier for me to offer my mentoring product to those that want it rather than just look for new clients constantly.  Its a win for my clients as they want to work with me longer term as that amplifies their results.



The first product you sell to someone is always the hardest.


Let’s be honest, until you deliver something they don’t trust you.


So stop working on finding new clients all the time, work more with the ones that already trust you.  Build a product ladder and over time add more products and services to support your clients.




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