How To Use Video Marketing In Business

How To Use Video Marketing In Business

Whatever type of business you own, video marketing can have a huge impact on your leads and sales.  How to use video marketing in business?


Let me cover everything I know about video marketing my videos have millions of views which have had a huge impact on my business.


James Nicholson



(Watch this video on how I used video marketing in my business)


What is video content marketing


Using video content in your business means creating and producing valuable & consistent video content to your audience to engage, attract, and hopefully convert desirable leads.


Its all about value, most business owners try to sell too quickly to people who simply are not ready to buy.  In order to sell to someone first you need to prove you are an expert.


Saying you are an expert just puts people off, nobody likes a big head.  If you provide them with some value, teach them something that can genuinely help them they will see you as an expert.


Video content is a really effective medium for all types of business. You could be:

  • Estate agent
  • Plumber
  • Butcher
  • Baker,
  • Candlestick maker
  • A life coach


Whatever your business is, you need to be using video in your marketing.  Video is going to get impactful messages across to your prospects and thats going to make a huge impact on your success.


Your audience are going to be able to get to know you quicker with video as opposed to a written blog.  This page is a written post, but notice I also use video on the page to help you really understand how to use video marketing in business.


By using video your prospect can really start the process of knowing you, liking you and trusting you.  Its way more impactful that just using an email, brochure or web page.


There’s various different ways you can use video, you could do a pre recorded video.  I use a lot of pre-recorded video as it allows me to make lots of content in batches which fits my schedule a lot better.


Facebook Live, Youtube Live or Instagram Live are great ways to using video to promote your business.


Whether pre-recorded or live your video can be very similar.   Live feed you have more interaction with anyone that is watching you live.  Get them to ask questions while you are live, you can then respond to them making it interactive.



Ronald is using pre-recorded content to help people with his health and wellness products.   Ronalds video is less than 2 minutes long and has over 1000 people who viewed it on Youtube.


Thats over 1000 who have a problem that he has a solution for.


How can you use video in your business


Think about how you can use video in your business. Video is a really effective way to get people to know, like and trust you.   It speeds up this process massively, I urge you not to underestimate the value of video to your business.


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