How To Make Your Business Different

How To Make Your Business Different

In the ultra competitive world of business, you need to stand out from the crowd or you will fail.


Learn how to make your business different from everyone else.


In today’s competitive market, you need to be different to stand out in order to become successful. By standing out from your competition it will contribute greatly to your company’s success.


While most people understand that concept, many businesses fail to put it into practice.

How can I make my business different from my competition? 


This is a picture of me in the East Village in New York City outside Faicco’s sandwich store.  I would estimate there are at least 10,000 sandwich shops in New York, however Faicco’s is the number one rated in all of New York. (Imagine what that does for their business)

Outside Faicco's Store, New York


How did they get that number 1 spot?  Simply they got known for one type of sandwich. 


They did not try to be a jack of all trades, they focused on being a master of one.


They make some of the best pastrami sandwiches in the whole of New York.  Thats not just my opinion, its also 100’s of other people opinions who took the time to review them on Trip-advisor after visiting the store.


Faicco's Pork Store


Tell the world


Once you are known as the expert for one thing, then its time to tell the world.  A great way to do that is using online reviews such as Trip-advisor.



If you think people are just going to review you think again.  You need ask them for reviews, Faicco’s has multiple signs in store asking for you to review them online.


They could do even more, maybe include a flyer with each order offering a voucher to return and again asking for the review.


Show Them You Are The Expert


The best way to do that is produce content, if I was Faicco’s I would have lots of content online showing how I make the sandwiches.   You could also reach out to food bloggers to review your product on their blogs.


The business lesson to learn from Faicco’s Store: 


Faicco’s didn’t focus on being good at everything, they picked one sandwich and made it the best in New York.


They do sell good sandwiches and have lot of different varieties, but they’re particularly good for the pastrami sandwiches. They’ve got themselves known for making one of the best and thats why they stand out in New York City.


So how to make your business different? Get known for one thing, be the expert for whatever that is.  Don’t try and be the same as every other business in your niche.  You must STAND OUT and be the EXPERT in your category, check out this blog on 5 steps to being the best in your field.


Standing out from your competition is critical to your company’s success. While most people understand that concept, many businesses fail to put it into practice.


I hope from reading this you will see why its so important to be different.


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