Is Blogging Still Relevant In 2022?

Is blogging still relevant nowadays? When you turn to Google for advice or for solutions to common problems, did you know that most of the websites which appear on the first page of results are actually blog articles? Yep, this is where we come in. Well, here’s my take on the question is blogging still relevant in 2022.


Blogging is just as relevant in 2022 as it was a few years ago. But it is changing. With audiences becoming more and more aware of privacy issues and data being collected, monetizing a blog has become more difficult. We always hear this, because Google is always changing its algorithm. People are watching videos on YouTube, TikTok, and all these other platforms.


Is blogging really dead? 



The answer is no! Blogging isn’t dead, it’s alive and thriving. Blogging is busier than ever, Google traffic is still growing. The success of your blog truly depends on the work you put into it. There are billions of searches every single day for things that you can help people.


Blogging, is dead, if you do it in the wrong way.


That means that you need a blog to show up and give value to these people support these people. And actually turn some of them into buyers, clients leads whatever it is that you’re looking for. What used to happen is we would just put loads of articles on a site that didn’t have really any value. Then we’ll get a load of bad quality backlinks from other places, and hope that someone would rank on Google.


Is blogging still profitable? 

Is blogging still profitable

Hell yes! Blogging is still very profitable. Spend an hour or two with writing one article or blog and it can continue to generate traffic over a period of weeks, months even years! It’s worth your investment in time and money when you’re doing something profitable.


You’re in good waters as long as you’re educating readers and providing them with useful ideas, guidance, and tutorials. With this objective in mind, it’s simple to create a profitable blog.



Why is Google Ranking important? 

Google’s got smarter over the years. It’s essential that we make quality blogs that people really get value from they’re going to spend time on. When you create a blog post, they’re going to look at how long someone is on that post, they’re going to look at things like a bounce rate, how many people click on and then immediately click back off. This means it wasn’t what they were looking for. All of this stuff is essential to your Google rankings.


For example: 

I wrote a blog post on how what to do if your bounce back loan gets rejected. That post generated me more than 10,000 visitors to my site generated 1000s of leads to my site, and has generated 1000s of pounds in revenue from those leads on people that bought my products or services. The best thing about it is it only got me 30 minutes to write that content.




How to write great blogging content: 

How To Write Great Blogging Content

  • Make relevant contents 

What is important when you’re blogging is that you make content that people are actually looking for. I see this mistake again and again, again, with YouTubers, not only YouTubers, but also bloggers as well. It’s essential that you look for content, things along the lines of how to how to do this, how to do that, right.


  • Create evergreen content

Also, I recommend that you create evergreen content. The post I talked about, that got me the bounce back loan traffic, but only for a short period of time, because it was related to a specific loan that eventually has now come to an end. This means people aren’t visiting that page anymore. So we also create posts around evergreen content that will be looked at today, tomorrow or in 10 years from now. And you must do the same to right. Very, very important that you do that guys, very, very important.


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