Why You Don't Need A Website

Why You Don’t Need A Website

Everyone says you need a website. But when you start a business, there are SO MANY startup expenses and investing in a website might not be a priority. Read on this article for the reason why you don’t need a website to start a business.


Strange, right? Over the years we’ve all been taught that websites are the key to online success so I’m going to give you an alternative to a website that will actually help you convert sales. Not just 1% of the people that visit your web page to customers, but as much as 50%.


Do I need a website?


Websites are great. Potentially you need one, but it’s not the most important thing. A website should be a clear part of your strategy and budget expense as well. You should know when and why your website should exist, what its goals are that will make it successful.



Having A Website For Your Business 


If you’ve got a website already, don’t panic and keep your website. If you’re thinking about getting one and you can afford it, then great, get one. But take note it’s not the most important thing online.


When you get a website, and you get 100 visitors to your site, you’ll be lucky if one person makes a purchase. That means you have a 1% conversion rate, right out of 100 visitors, you’ve got a 1% conversion rate. Now, what that means is you’ve got to spend fortunes on traffic. You’ve got to buy tons and tons of traffic from Google ,YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok.


It’s too expensive to do that when these platforms first came out, like Google AdWords and stuff like that. It worked, it was relatively cheap. But now you can easily be paying £5. Depending on your industry, for one click, £5. Now if I send them to my website that means it would cost me £500  to get a sale.



Expert Mastery Book

I’m selling something a book. My book called “Expert Mastery”, I can’t afford to spend £500 to get a copy because clearly, I don’t sell it for £500. In fact, I can give it away to most people and just charge them for the shipping. So I make two pounds of that. Now, that means that I can’t do that. And if I do that I’m gonna go bankrupt. So what do we need to do? Well, what we need to do is we need to send people to a funnel, a marketing funnel, right?



5-Step Funnel: 



1. Content 

First off, what you need to do is you need to get some content out. So this is before they’re in the funnel. Content is education, telling people inspiring people, helping people, and letting people know about your products and services and how they can help them.



2. Capture Leads 


Well, you give something away, you give away a guide, report, discount voucher, get people to opt in for a training, there’s tons of things that you can do to get leads in your business.

Now, you’re giving something away of pure value. So you’re going to send them to a landing page. The landing page just has a guide report or a discount voucher



3. Turn Into Customer 


They need the chance to buy something. Try and turn them into a customer. Now, not everyone’s going to buy just because you’re ready to sell to them, not everybody is going to buy. If you don’t have a book, you might sell a digital course or they might be a service business.


We have two options here:

  • Sell something cheap (My Expert Mastery Book)


  • Or alternatively get them to book an appointment or visit




4. Offer your core offer


Whatever your core product or services. This is where you’re going to offer that to your clients. For example: I have my core product is a product called my Business Accelerator. It’s a 3-day program, as well as an online program where I coach or mentor you guys on exactly how to get leads using the internet.



5. Continue to sell to them 


The most important is part is that you continue to sell to them. You need to make extra products and services that you can sell to your clients. Whatever business you’re in, you just need to have a product/service ladder where in you take your current customers into a new product.




It’s NOT necessary to have a website just to get sales! Sometimes a good working funnel may work pretty well. 


Don’t work with everybody because some people will really drain you.  You want to have a conversation and get to know you audience. It’s important that you make people jump through some hoops before they get the chance to potentially work with you. You want to get enough leads that from that you can be selective and pick the best clients for your business.

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