Don't Do This If You Run Webinars

Don’t Do This If You Run Webinars

Webinar programs are important in any marketing mix for several reasons. Webinars provide a convenient forum for your company to establish itself as a thought leader in your space and help develop your brand voice. Hear out a few tips of mine and don’t do this if you run a webinars.


What is a webinar? 

Webinars are different from meeting tools, which are designed to let small groups meet and collaborate in real-time. They engage content with people in real time. Since webinars can be fairly time-consuming, you need to be thoughtful as you plan and execute your webinars. Maybe mix live ones and prerecorded ones.



Things You Should NOT Do While Running A Webinar 


Live webinars, like everything else that goes live, may be unpredictable. Some issues may develop that are fixable, while others will simply surprise you. Can any of these things be predicted? Yes. Experience is the magic word.


1. Not interacting with your audience 

A live webinar does not consist of you speaking and the participants listening. Of course, topics must be covered, but participants must be able to be a part of the entire story. Isn’t that why you organized a live webinar? To hear someone else’s point of view and to provide answers to any questions that participants may have.

So, be creative in engaging them, including activities that will cause them to think about the issue and inspire them to ask questions.



2. Doing webinars unprepared 

The technical setup of your platform and preparing your presenters for success comes first.

It is safe to hold a technical rehearsal a few days  or hours before the live webinar (especially when using a new platform). Don’t put this off too long, because you never know what technological hiccups will arise that you’ll need to figure out how to fix. Allowing ample time for this will reduce danger and keep you stress-free before the go-live.


If you are performing a live demonstration of anything that requires you to share your screen and use a certain platform during the webinar, be sure that everything is set up ahead of time.



3. Not having a plan B 

You’re going above and above to ensure that your live webinar goes off without a hitch. Even so, when you go live, there are always certain unforeseeable things that can happen. You must be prepared for that circumstance by having a backup plan.


  • Prepare backup slides in case the live demo fails
  • Test the recording functionality of your chosen webinar hosting technology, and ensure you know where the recordings will be saved.



Why You Should Use Webinars


  • You can connect people from all across the world. No more limiting yourself to Joe down the street. There will also be no more pricey plane tickets for your guests.
  • Your audience can interact with you directly. This is a significant draw, especially if you’ve already established yourself as an industry leader.
  • You generate leads. Because enrolling requires email addresses, a webinar event generates a large number of new leads.


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