How To Get Customers To Buy Your Product

How To Get Customers To Buy Your Product

However good your product or service is, the simple truth is that no-one will buy it if they don’t want it or believe they don’t need it. They buy because they perceive some “benefit” to those features. What are the customers going to achieve if they buy your product and services? Read more as I give tips on how to get customers to buy your product.




How can I get customers to buy my product? 

Key Strategy: Bridge the gap between your customer’s problem and the solution that you’ve got. You need to describe the outcome of what they’re going to buy your product and service.


If you emphasize the benefits of using your product rather than the characteristics it has, you’ll gain more consumers faster.


To be convinced to buy your product, prospects need to:

  • If they find your website on google
  • get good impression for their website visit
  • discover valuable content
  • Trust you,
  • Find value in your product and be convinced that they can easily purchase it when they need it.


Clear navigation, internal links, a  high-quality content on your website, and email newsletters all contribute to a positive consumer experience.



Business Situation Example: 

I set an example with the Kwik E Mart in Universal Studios, Los Angeles

Kwik E Mark, Universal Studios

The message that I wanted to get across to you is how easy is it for your customers to buy your products and services.


Some websites make it particularly difficult to find out what the products are, what the services are. It’s even difficult to make that initial contact or purchase.



You need to be like the Kwik E Mart, you need to make it easy for your customers to be able to buy your your products and services. You got to make it so it’s easy to buy your product and service.


If you go into a convenience store, you know what they sell pretty much. You know how to make that purchase. But so many business owners aren’t doing that. So have a look over your site. Make it accessible, and you’ll see some more success with your online marketing.



Ways To Make Customers To Buy From You:

It’s not easy to convert potential clients into paying customers, let alone loyal ones. Which is why I will give you tips on how to make customers buy from you.


  • Keep the list of benefits short – most people can only hold two or three thoughts at a time. Long lists of benefits only add to the confusion
  • Be reachable – provide your company’s exact name, contact information, and the timeframes within which clients can reach you. Provide a specific link if you utilize social media to communicate with your customers.
  • Offer free trials – free trials allow customers to test your products in their own unique settings
  • Emphasize what’s unique to you or your firm – use benefits that differentiate you from the competition. Benefits that are generic to your product category can convince a customer to buy… but NOT necessarily from you.


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