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How Does The Instagram Feed Work For Busineses?

As we all know algorithms change overtime, that’s why your strategy on each social media platform needs to constantly evolve too. How does the Instagram feed work for business? How can you use it to benefit your business to get more engagement? And what should you be placing on the Instagram feed to get attention.


How Does the Instagram Feed Work?

Building up a business account isn’t as simple, but regardless of your business goals, Instagram is a powerful tool that can connect you with millions of potential customers.


Different Instagram Post Types To Grow Your Business:


  • Images


This is a client of mine called Chocnies brownies. They had a celebration with some champagne to celebrate the launch of launching their brand new business. They should be used to educate, inspire humanize who you are tell people behind the scenes of what you’re doing.

In fact, one of the master classes we do is called a product launch one. One of the things that we teach people is to use images to let people know what you’re doing while you’re getting your business ready for them to buy.


  • Carousel Posts 


People like those another type of image post is a carousel post. This is one that I did recently with the lockdown.

It basically laid out what are the plans for opening up and so people could swipe across and see what are the plans from the government before we open up and get back to normal?

A lot of people wanting to know that information. Because it was really confusing at a time, you could do that as well.


  • Video Post A Call 

Video post a call as well. And so I actually like people to know about my personal life because I’m not just a business owner. I’m actually human as well. Right. So this is my beautiful little baby Emily right and so a video on my Instagram just shows her being cute.


You could have videos showing my business events, or behind the scenes in making your products. It should not just be business business business. You need to mix it up and give value so these are the three types of posts are images, carousel and video. 




What is a caption? 

So the caption is the text, it’s a short, punchy piece, piece of text that you’re using in order to get people’s attention. Right, that’s really, really important here.

This one here it says calling or chocolate orange lovers. Terry’s chocolate orange in a brownie filled and topped with chocolate orange slices.


So this is what Chocnies did during the launch. This is what people want to see.




These are how people find you.  50% of the people that find Chocnies are from the hashtags. In the Instagram feed masterclass, I go into this in a lot more detail.

But in a nutshell, you need to create hashtags that people are actually looking for, right hashtags that people are actually looking for.




NOTE: They should NOT be hashtags that aren’t relevant to what you’re talking about in that post. Otherwise, you’re just using popular hashtags as click bait which is a bad thing to do. You need to have at least 30 hashtags that’s relevant to your brand. That is one of the ways people are going to find your brand on that.


Ensure your Instagram posts are:

  1. Evergreen content
  2. Consistent
  3. Quality
  4. Engaging


1. Evergreen content 


What I mean by that is content that’s useful today. And if someone found in a year from now, right, some of your content, a lot of your content should be evergreen. An evergreen content is type of content that is not time-sensitive. It can be relevant now, next year, next 5 years or a decade.


Examples of Evergreen content:

  • How-to for Beginners
  • Checklists
  • Everything You Need to Know About ____.
  • Successful Case Studies


2. Consistency 


What I mean by that is post on a regular basis, a lot of business owners get all excited with channels like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, all of these platforms. Don’t just post regularly on the first few weeks, and then stop in the middle. I’d rather you didn’t post so much. You just need to consistently post in your channel.


3. Quality


You need to put quality posts up, you need to have quality image, write well, use the right hashtags. Quality is important to your success on Instagram as well. Don’t just throw a load of mud at the wall and hope some of it sticks. Put good quality out.


4. Engaging 


Chocnies did this post celebrating the launch, right? That’s major engagement because people like that stuff. And that’s really, really important, right? This post got lots of engagement 170 likes on our small business pages. Huge, right? Really, really good engagement here. Because lots of people like brownies and stuff like that.



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