How To Follow Up With Leads You Get In Your Business

How To Follow Up With Leads You Get In Your Business

Following up consistently is one of the most productive marketing activities there is, but it won’t work if you don’t do it properly with the use of retargeting. Finish this article and learn how I made a system to follow up leads in your business.


Good job! Your marketing tactics have paid off, and you’ve been flooded with new leads, which you want to convert into purchases. That last element is dependent on your ability to follow up on those leads strategically and successfully, without letting any fall by the wayside or scaring them off by pushing on too aggressively. Following up properly entails doing so several times.


Lead prospecting is all about staying in front of your clients without annoying them… a kind of omnipresence, if you will. Your goal should not be to persuade them to buy, but rather to be present when they are ready to buy.


How To Follow Up With Leads You Get In Your Business


But really, how important is it to follow-up

Most of your website traffic simply won’t convert on the first visit. Approaching your clients with a strategy, can not only make follow-ups much more effective but also use them to build long-term business relationships. The importance of following up and chasing the client shouldn’t be undervalued. Strong and active follow-up conveys a message to the potential client that you want to work with them, that you are the right person for the job, and that you are just waiting to get started on one call.


By incorporating an automated sales sequence or email campaign into a sales rep’s arsenal, they may follow up on leads at scale and automate processes that were previously done manually. Not only does automation make their job easier, but it also allows them to follow up with more leads with less effort.



When should you follow up your leads? 

Follow-up emails have the potential to convert leads, strengthen connections, and close sales that previously appeared out of reach. The tricky part is persuading your prospects to respond. Follow-ups with a sense of urgency are the most effective. Make a compelling case for them to continue chatting with you in order to assist you seal the purchase.


Allow them extra time, perhaps 4–7 days before your first follow-up. Follow up once a week, at most. Respect this person’s inbox if you know he or she receives 5,000 emails every day. Allow automation to do the busywork for you while maintaining the quality of your follow-up.



Types of medium to follow up your leads: 

  • Email
  • Phone
  • In person
  • Social Media


Do’s & don’ts in following up your leads:


1. Stay persistently friendly and nice. If they don’t answer, adopt a nonchalant demeanor. Stay on top of your game to wow them.

2. Give something of value. Understand and know their wants and needs well enough to offer them something relevant.

3. Keep it short. Long-winded formalities should be avoided. If they’re a good customer, they’ll be busy people who respect their time. Be kind, but get to the point.

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