How To Turn Leads Into Sales And Customers

How To Turn Leads Into Sales And Customers

So let’s talk about how to turn leads into sales and customers.


What is your prospect going to achieve if they buy your product and services? 


You need to describe the outcome of what they’re going to buy your product and service.


People that work with me don’t want to learn Facebook ads or marketing.  They want more time with their family, more money in their bank or something similar to that.


So in my marketing I have to talk about the outcome they will get while working with me.


Key Strategy: Bridge the gap between your customer’s problem and the solution that you’ve got.



The majority of your leads won’t automatically convert into sales by simply being sent through your conversion funnel. It will often require additional help to produce the conversion. 


These lead conversion ideas will help to ensure that you not only have thousands of people stopping by your website, but you will have them laying down their money as well!


How To Convert Leads Into Paying Customers


When marketing your business, one thing that’s really important is to bridge the gap between your customer’s problems and the solution that you’ve got.


You need to give them an epiphany that helps them go across that bridge. Your marketing need sto describe the outcome of buying your product or service.


Outcome: When they understand that using your product or service is going to get the X or Y, that will give them the epiphany that will create that bridge and take them from one side to the other.


If you’re a service-based industry, it’s a little easier because you’re probably giving something that gives a specific outcome to the client. Think about the feelings that people are going to have while using your service, people buy on emotion and your marketing needs to create that emotion. 


Apple they’re a product-based company but they’re very good at creating emotion. What they do is the bridge that gap, they take you over that bridge, and they get you to the outcome that you desire their products.  They help you see the status you will have by owning an Apple product.  


Most marketing starts something like this we’ve been established x y zed years, no one cares about that. They care about what they’re going to get when they buy your product or service.


What’s in it for them.


No one cares that you’ve got the most insurance, and the best staff. They’re more worried about what you are going to give them. Is it what they desire? 



What’s the outcome that you’re going to give them. 


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