Steps To Become The Best In Your Field

Steps To Being The Best In Your Field

How do we make it so your prospects know you for being the best in your field?



Firstly you need people to be aware of who you are.  They need to see you everywhere and get value from you.   My client Moss Properties provide lots of content around selling houses in Doncaster.  The content is posted on social media and helps people sell their house with their awesome tips.


Moss Properties Doncaster


Result: They’ll start a process of knowing you liking you and trusting you. They’re looking for a product or service like yours, you’re going to become top of mind.


Once you have given value at that point you can ask someone to become a lead.


So how do you get them to become a lead?


You give them even more value, this time ask them to opt in to get an ebook/guide/report.  Maybe a FREE training or give them a discount voucher.  What you decide it must have real value and be useful to them.


James Nicholson Webinar

(I lay out the 5 steps in lots of detail on the above training.  See what I am doing there asking you to become a lead)


In the end, you just need to be the expert to grow any business as large as you want. Accordingly, customers will trust you because you have given them the content and value that they need. The absence of trust can stem from a lack of proof showing you do what you claim, lack of contact information, a poorly designed website, or non-targeted content.


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