Lead Generation for Financial Advisors

Lead Generation for Financial Advisors

Let’s talk Lead Generation for Financial Advisors and how to use the internet to grow your business.


I’ve helped thousands of people just like you to grow businesses using the digital marketing.  I am going to share with you my 5 step system on taking people that have never heard of you and turning them into clients in days.


Now, here is a detailed video about the 5-step system lead-generating strategy all financial advisors can follow:


How do Financial Advisors Get Leads?



Most financial advisors get leads from maybe the company that they’re working with, or partnered with. They either have lots of leads but low quality, or there’s just not many leads at all.


Maybe they currently rely on word of mouth, while thats great it can only get you so far.


Some financial advisors still advertise in their local paper, that simply does not work in todays online world.


Advertising as a financial advisor can be a bit restricted if you work through a company and are promoting their brand.  Its important that rather than promoting another brand you focus on you as the brand.


Think  Martin Lewis, the money saving expert. He’s a financial advisor, and takes commissions when people get mortgages through affiliate links on his site.  Now you might not want to sell via affiliate links, but what you must learn here is he is seen as the go to expert in the industry.


I want you to achieve a similar result but locally.


You can copy and model Martin Lewis and do something similar.


So what should you do first?


1. Content


You need to demonstrate that you are the go to expert in your field.


You do that with content.


Content demonstrates you are an expert in your nice so make content around life insurance, trusts, wills and mortgages and whatever your key product is.


This is the first step where you audience will be attracted to clicking to watch your content. It’s a key step to lead generation for financial advisors and any business.


You can make a blog post on your site that says, “What’s the difference between an interest only mortgage and a repayment mortgage?”.


Whoever you work with to provide your financial products will have no problem with this content.  In that example you are not giving advice rather you are telling them what a product is.  Its a subtle difference but makes the difference to be allowed to post the content.


Moss Properties Doncaster


Check this out, its a piece of content one of my Business Accelerator students produced.  They are a local estate agent in Doncaster and its got 63,000 views which is insane.  Imagine your financial advisor business getting that many people watching your content, its going to be a GAME Changer.


2. Capture 


How to build a client base as a financial advisor, it starts with leads.   You made content to show you are THE Expert in your niche, now its time to turn those viewers into leads.


You capture leads by giving something of value away, it can be an eBook, a guide, a report, something like that.


30 lead gen secrets


I give away an ebook, you can click on the image above to get yours 🙃


Go and have a look at how many people visited your website if you have one. Let’s just say for argument’s sake, 100 people came to your site. I guarantee you didn’t get 100 leads or 100 enquiries, most of them left, you might have got one or two inquiries, if you’re lucky.


By crafting a landing page focused on just giving away an ebook you can expect as high as 50% to opt in.   Yes you read that right, 50 times more leads because you are giving value and taking them in baby steps.


By creating a useful ebook the chance of the opt in in rises significantly.  Then we can warm them up via email until they are ready to book an appointment with you.


You will be building a database that will bring you clients like clockwork.


James Nicholson Webinar

3. Customer 


The next step is turning them into a customer.


For a financial adviser that needs to happen with a meeting or a phone call.


Immediately after they download your ebook you are going to ask them to schedule a meeting with you.   There is tons of software that can do that for you, do a Google search for scheduling software.



The software will manage the whole process for you, emailing you and the client as well as managing both your diaries.


If you don’t want to book a meeting at this stage you could offer them something for sale.  I do that offering my book Expert Mastery, (Grab a FREE Copy here)


4. Core Offer


Once you have calls / meetings booked that is where you are going to offer your core product or service.  On that call / meeting, you’re going to offer your core product or service, thats your mortgage services or whatever your financial services are that you offer, you’re going to offer those on that call.


5. Continue to sell to them


After turning them into customers and offering the your core offer, you need to look at continuing to sell to them.


You can partner with somebody else. Like maybe it’s another financial adviser, maybe you do mortgages, and you partner with someone that does wills and trusts.


Then you get a commission for every referral that you give their way. You could also partner with lots of other products and services.


NOTE: You need to have other things that you can sell to these people. Because if they don’t buy it from you, they’re gonna buy it from somebody else.


Recap of the 5 steps:

Create content > Capture leads > Turn into Customer > Core offer > Continue selling to them


(1) Demonstrate that you are an expert, or your product or your service is the best at what it does. You can do it with content and so you need to create content that your prospects and potential customers are looking for.


(2) You need to give something away, that could be an eBook or guide that gets you leads that you can follow up with them warm up with a warm up over time.


(3) Then some of them will get offered an appointment. So you will book an appointment and that’s where you’re turning them into a customer.


(4) On that appointment, you offer your core product or service.


(5) Finally, you continue to sell to them by partnering with other people are adding additional products and services into your business.


I want to give you guys a free copy of my book Expert Mastery in the book I lay out in more detail exactly how this can work for your Financial Business.


Grab your FREE copy of my book here.


30 Lead Gen Secrets

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