Lead Generation for Estate & Letting Agents

Lead Generation for Estate & Letting Agents

Whats the best lead generation for Estate & Letting Agents?   Keep reading as I have got you covered in this post I will be sharing exactly that.


What Most Agents Do Wrong


Most agents put marketing out that just sells a property, they boast about how long they have been established.  How many sales they have achieved etc etc etc.


Its the same with every agent and thats whats wrong.  To stand out if your market you have to be seen as the local expert.


So rather than just selling to people you must start with value.



(Here is a detailed video of this blog on lead generation for estate and letting agents) 

Every agent is on Rightmove but how many leads have you actually got from Rightmove in the last year?  I don’t mean people who want to buy or rent, I mean landlords or sellers?


I bet its not a lot, one agent I work with who tracks everything in his business found out he only got 14 leads from Rightmove in 2019.




He did what everyone else did, flyers, shop front, newspapers, texts, cold calls to get stock.


The problem that was hard word and expensive.


You are NOT Different


You’re all pretty much the same right now. Every estate agent is using On The Market, Zoopla, Rightmove etc. I want you to start thinking differently, we can use social media to do that.


What you should be doing is demonstrating in your market that you are the expert. Every estate agent I’ve done this with is crushing it.

James Nicholson Webinar

Lets Talk Lead Generation for Estate & Letting Agents


Step 1 – Produce Content 


Every week or every month, you need to be making content to demonstrate you’re the expert in the market. And what I mean by that, tell them whats happening in your local market.


Be open and honest &transparent, and tell them exactly what’s happening in your local market be known as the go to expert in your market. You could put this content out in a blog, or even better would be to put it out in a video.


Which areas locally are selling fast, what type of property is selling best?  House prices dropping in an area, be honest.


When you become the news source for property in your town, you will start winning.


Lead Generation for Estate & Letting Agents


This is one of my clients Moss Properties, this one video got 63,000 in Doncaster.  Thats mind blowing, imagine 63,000 people in your area knowing about your business.


Step 2 – Capture Leads 


Not everyone is ready to sell or rent their property right now.  You might get thousands of people a month browsing your site that are almost ready to use you but need a little more time.


If you capture them as a lead, you can build that relationship even stronger with them while they get ready to use you.


  • You could use Val Pal to get online valuations. And you could say to anyone that likes your content from step 1 to click below and get an instant online valuation.
  • Guide or a report. The guide could be around how to sell your house fast, how to stop voids, or something that’s going to attract them.


NOTE: Most people that visit your website are not going to make an inquiry. They’re just browsers, your job is to turn them into leads. 


30 lead gen secrets


This is a report I give away to get people to become a lead in my business (Hint go grab the guide you will find it really useful) 🙃

Step 3 – Customer 


This is where we can start turning leads into paying customers.  For an Estate or Letting Agent you are going to want to get the lead to book a call to discover how you can help them.


Send them to a page they can book a call with one of your team.


On that call you can qualify them to see which of your services is best for them.  That fact they book to speak with you really changes the mindset of the lead.  They won’t be playing you off against local competitors and will see you as the number 1 local expert.


Its a subtle difference but makes a huge difference.


Moss Properties did exactly that, in fact they got so many leads they had to employ two people to call the leads and disqualify some and only give them the very best leads.


Imagine how your business would change only have the best leads, in fact how different would things be if you had TOO MANY LEADS.


Step 4 – Core Offer 


In this step you close them, you meet with them at the property and get the listing.


Getting the listing will be a lot easier than normal as they have gone through the steps above so their trust is much higher.


They might have a few questions still which you can cover on that appointment.


Step 5 – Continue To Sell


Most estate and letting agents leave it at that once they have the sale.


The super successful agents know they can offer so many products to their new tenants / home owners.


Make a  list of services they might want, maybe new windows? carpets? landscaping?


You need to partner with people that offer those services.  Rather than just send as a referral partner with people who provide those services and get a fee for giving the lead to them.


In Conclusion


The most important step is the first step, you MUST be known as the local agent.  The only way to  achieve that is to  give massive value up  front to your  prospects.


Share market news, tell them the good, the bad and the ugly.


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