Strategy For Marketing A Service Based Business

Strategy For Marketing A Service Based Business

It’s not easy to market a service-based business. The lack of physical evidence is the most obvious issue — how do you promote something that isn’t tangible? How can you persuade someone to put their time and money into something they can’t see or feel? Let me share you a strategy for marketing a service based business.


Businesses are always looking for new and imaginative ways to offer their products to a wider audience in the ever-changing world of marketing. Service-oriented businesses can sometimes get lost in a sea of product-oriented businesses.


What is a service based business? 

What is a service based business? 

A service business is a company that employs a professional or a group of professionals to perform work or assist in the completion of a job for the benefit of its customers. A service business’s product isn’t the same as one you’d buy in a store, such as a television, clothing, or food item. These types of companies provides a product that is mostly made up of personal labor and knowledge to complete the task at hand.


For example, you might hire a real estate agent to help you buy your first home because you want to benefit from their experience, bargaining abilities, and understanding of the terms.


Customers buy the expertise of a service provider or owner, such as a plumber or a lawyer, in a service-based business. This sort of business places a significant emphasis on the client relationship and places a high value on the customer’s user experience. One of the strategy of marketing a service based business produce actual things that are reasonably consistent in quality for each consumer, resulting in a relatively predictable customer experience.



Marketing strategies for service-based business 


When you run a service-based business, you must take a different strategy to selling the service. Instead of promoting product characteristics, you should promote your and your team’s capacity to complete the task. It’s a little more difficult to market a positive attitude and a track record of excellent customer service than it is to slap product specifications on a brochure.


This is my five-step system, which I discuss in the business accelerator. The majority of you are trying to marry on your first date. Maybe you’re trying to send people straight to your main offer here via Facebook, Google, YouTube, newspapers, radio, or any other marketing outlet.

30 Lead Gen Secrets


Now service based businesses, maybe right now you’re doing something like running Facebook ads to your website is not converting, you’re not getting any inquiries, maybe you’re doing Google ads, all of these things don’t really work because you don’t have a system to get clients.



1. Content 

Your job is to be different to stand out from the crowd, and actually start by leading with value first. So we want to put out content, right? So your clients, your prospects, your customers, they have problems, my clients, the problem for them, is they’re not getting enough leads, and they’re not getting enough sales,


People are going to places like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and they’re looking for solutions to their problems. Now, content is education. Telling people inspiring people, helping people, and letting people know about your products and services and how they can help them right.


Have you ever been in a shop and you walk in and you’re wanting to potentially buy some clothes and the sales assistant is on you straight away? How does it make you feel? Frustrating? Isn’t it you actually put your guard up? If they’ve come in at the right time, when you’re a bit more ready, that is when they would have got the sale. So jumping on people too quickly, is not a good strategy, you must lead with content lead with value.



2. Capture leads 

If you’re a service tech based business, you need leads now some people will regardless of whether they need your product or service, still take time to consider a deliberate whether you’re the right person for them.


So we need to capture some leads. How do we do that? Well, we’re going to give away something. It important that we’re capturing the lead because then we can build that relationship with them. And it might take a few weeks, months or sometimes years until they’re ready to buy your product or service but it’s a very low barrier to entry just to get them as a lead.



3. Turn them into customers 

The first step for a service business is to turn them into a customer, right? We need to turn these people into customers. We do that by getting them to opt in to watch it watch a VSL like a presentation. Now that could be a webinar, it could be just a very quick video that they could go watch. And then they decide about your product or service.


So you’re going to follow this (1) process content and demonstrate you’re an expert, so people know you like you trust you capturing leads. (2) You’re going to give away something, then you’re going to get them to watch a video presentation with value at the end of the presentation, you’re going to ask them to book a strategy call with you. That is where you get to give them more value, and see if they’re a good fit for you.



This is how service businesses of all shapes and sizes are dominating their marketing the ones that really stand out, they’re following this process. Now I think you should find out a bit more details rather than just watching this YouTube video on how to do this.


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