When To Sell Your Product

When To Sell Your Product

You come across this post because maybe you’re having figuring out when to sell your product.


Well, this blog is for you as  I will talk about knowing when to sell your products and when not to sell.



Market your products in the right place at the right time. The more you understand why your customers buy, the better equipped you are to sell. This way you can adapt your marketing, around different pain points your products solve.


Most business owners sell their products or services at the wrong time.  Thats the fastest way to lose the sale, yet its what most business owners do.


Hội An, Vietnam
 Hội An, Vietnam



In this picture we had been out for an incredible lunch in Hội An, Vietnam. 


Suddenly, there was heavy rain and I didn’t have an umbrella. Out of nowhere a person was selling ponchos, he knew tourists like me would misjudge the weather and not be prepared.  At that moment I was not concerned about price I wanted to get dry and fast.


That’s what your business needs to be, you need to be in front of the right people

  • with the right product
  • at the right place
  • in the right time



You are selling products and services to uninterested people, maybe they don’t want your product.  Maybe they feel they don’t need your product, which will make it almost impossible to sell to them however good you are at sales.



It’s important that you look to find a starving crowd. What you can do that on things like Facebook advertising, it’s easy for you to use  advertising to hunt out people that need your product and service right now.


Only 1% of your prospects are ready to buy, and using a platform like Facebook can help find the ones who are ready.


When Is The Right Time To Sell A Product?


Sample scenario:

If you had a burger stand? Would you want to be outside a Football Stadium? Or would you want to be in a small local town where there isn’t people that are looking for burgers and hotdogs and stuff like that.


Obviously you would want to be outside the Football Stadium.  Yet most business owners will search for a location with the cheapest rent, rather than looking for where the most hungry people are.



You need to get your business positioned to find that starving audience. As I said on Facebook advertising platform and on YouTube, you can find people that are looking for solutions to their problems.  If you get in front of the right people you can demonstrate you are an expert that can help them.


There was no one selling ponchos half an hour prior to my purchase.  The reason is was bright sunshine, so trying to sell me a poncho in the sunshine would be a pretty big ask.


As soon as the rain came out, the poncho sellers came out of nowhere ready to sell me an overpriced piece of plastic to keep me dry.



What is your company doing to ensure that the “right product” to the right audience at the right time? Let me know in the comments section!


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