Why Your Website Is Not Getting Leads

Why Your Website Is Not Getting Leads

Your website has been up for a while, but it does not appear to be generating the results you desire. Your social media and email marketing campaigns are generating a lot of interest, but no one is following through. Why Your Website Is Not Getting Leads? Here’s why:


You put in a lot of effort to get traffic to your website and get people to look at your offers, but all they do is go and buy from your competitor? I understand how you feel. It’s aggravating, but it’s also doable, and the solution is often simpler than you think. Let’s take a look at some of the most prevalent reasons why your website isn’t producing leads.




Reasons why your website might not be getting leads: 

Reasons why your website might not be getting leads



Not enough traffic 

When you think about lead generation for your consultancy, think about a funnel. You get 100 visitors to your site; ten of them will go to a specific product or service page, and one will fill out an inquiry form. For some consulting businesses a conversion rate of 1% is adequate. You can optimize the product page, tweak the colors, and change the CTA, but nothing will change — you’ll still just have one lead.


You can buy a thousand random visits from any websites, but it will still have no effect on the number of leads you create. That is why you need to think about inbound marketing, a strategy that focuses on providing value to customers through useful content.



Your website is has too much choice 

One of the primary reasons your website isn’t generating leads is because you’ve given your visitors too many options. The aim of an excellent consultancy landing page for lead generation is SINGLE. Assume you’ve set up a landing page to give you an eBook in exchange for your contact information.

You’ll notice that a lot of landing pages keep the main site navigation bar and even the footer crammed with all the typical trash links. If you get a skeptical visitor to that page, she’ll probably click a different link that promises a lower degree of commitment, only to get lost in your website’s maze.



Your website does not have any value 

If a website intends to generate leads, it must provide value. Yes,  self-promotion is fine, but if your website is all about you and not about your ideal client, your visitors will be turned off. Your website must be the solution to their problems.


Your landing page may sell the best service in the world. Although, it won’t convert visitors unless you show how it will solve their problem.



Your landing page is not mobile friendly 

More people are using mobile devices to access the internet than those who prefer to use desktop computers. Yes, it depends on your niche. In younger and  tech-intensive niches, individuals are using their phones 70% of the time.



If one of your marketing objectives is to generate leads, it might be discouraging when you don’t receive the results you want. If your site has any of the difficulties listed above, however, it may be a simple repair.




How do I get more leads on my website? 

How do I get more leads on my website? 

Consider how your website contributes to the lead-generation process. It’s a critical component of the puzzle that many businesses overlook.



1. Create a strong content strategy 

If you want your content marketing to be effective, you must first create a content marketing plan, document it, and then designate someone to lead it. You should define the role your website will help facilitate lead conversion as part of that strategy.



2. Publish quality content 

Content marketing is all about establishing oneself as an industry expert; after all, your company is the one that knows the most about your product or service. In a similar manner, the most effective strategy to convince today’s customer to choose you as a vendor is to impress them with your content.


3. Place strong and visible call to action in your webpage

Make sure your website has enough of call-to-action buttons, links, and forms that encourage visitors to take action. After all, if you don’t ask someone to do anything (like provide their email address), how can you expect them to do it?



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