Benefits Of Video Marketing In Business

Benefits Of Video Marketing In Business

You might be resisting using video to market your business, but video marketing for small businesses has become a very effective strategy for those who have embraced it. It’s pretty simple, video marketing is using and incorporating videos into your small business marketing campaigns and strategy. Know more about the benefits of video marketing in business here!


What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing has the capacity to help your business increase online presence by making your content more engaging and more easier to digest. If your business does not have an online presence, it will be very difficult for the most to survive, let alone become successful.


How does it work? 

Video marketing basically works like this: Your brand creates videos that, can promote your business, drive sales, raise awareness of your products or services, or engage your customers.


Benefits of Video Marketing 


Let’s look at the benefits of video marketing, and how video marketing impacts your business: 

  • Search Engine Optimization 

This is one of the first marketing strategies that helped me generate many millions in sales in my first iPod accessory business, and SEO is the fact that you’re going to show up in the search engines or YouTube for something that somebody is looking for. SEO can help by building backlinking to your site, boosting likes and shares (which can effect search rankings), and driving traffic to your site.


  • Google loves videos 

It’s a stated fact! Google loves video content. People watch more video than ever before YouTube is absolutely exploding, and we watch more video.  Google loves video more than your 2000-word articles. We’ve got YouTube, on our TVs, we’ve got it on our mobile devices, we’ve got it on tablets, we’ve got it on our desktop computers is everywhere.


Using video marketing is more likely to rank than just a written article or a web page on your site, because that is what people want to consume. Make videos that’s more likely to get traffic when people are looking for stuff for you.


  • Mobile

Lots of people are on mobiles. There’s a good chance that your clients, your prospects, that they are also watching on a mobile. And so having video just works perfectly. Mobile phones are just so structured that now. And with the increase of 4g reception and 5g reception all over the world. More and more people are able to get a good internet connection on their mobile phone. Hence, they’re consuming more and more content using a mobile phone.


  • Cheap

It doesn’t cost much to make a video, lots of us overthink the video production stuff. Maybe you believe that you need to hire an expensive camera man or get a studio. You can do the same to most people own a smartphone, the camera on that is good enough.


It almost cost us zero pounds to get video out. You need to just plan the video out and just shoot it right you can use a selfie stick, you can use a tripod. I am even using to hold this camera right now cost five pounds on Amazon.


Tips on video making: Don’t overthink it

I don’t want you thinking you got to get lighting that you got to get green screens and all this stuff. Just point and shoot. Get the content out there. No one cares about what you look like in the content, what they actually care about. Is this content useful to them. Right? Is this content useful to them? So why are you here?


  • Engagement 

It also helps me with this next point, which is engagement. Video is easier to get engagement. So like I said, at the beginning of this video, you recall, I asked you to subscribe to the channel, and hit the bell notification. It’s easier to ask in a video than it is to ask via words, or on a podcast, right? video is so easy to get engagement, you just ask.


So at various points in your video, you must ask people to like people to comment, right? I’d like you to come in right now. Just tell me what it is you do. Tell me about your business. In the comments below. I want to hear all about you guys.


  • Awareness 

Video contents gets people aware of you is very easy to produce. It also gives you mindshare, so people are aware of your brand, they’re aware of your business. What I mean by that is if you can get someone to watch a video for four or five minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, half an hour an hour, that’s great. This means people will likely remember you. If they invest the time, in watching your video, they’re going to recall you.


  • Online presence 

Having video contents just means you can be everywhere.  Now, video can be on a lot of different platforms as well. So this video probably is going to be watched by you on YouTube. But it also could go on LinkedIn, it could go on Facebook, you can go in Facebook groups, we could cut it up into shorter versions, maybe these seven steps, we could cut up into single points, and put those on to Instagram or Tik tok.


You can put this in multiple places, you can put it on a website as well. By doing that, you’re going to get your message out to your ideal prospect in as many places as you can. It will really help get a message across to more people for your business. So improving your online presence is key.


To conclude: 

So SEO is important that’s going to help you rank and Google is going to be more mobile friendly as well. It’s cheap to make the content for getting it your engagement. Video marketing also gives awareness of you and your brand. Online presence will be growing because you can be in multiple places at once and it will keep you relevant.


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