How To Stay Current In Business

How To Stay Current In Business

Although every industry moves at a different pace, it’s important to stay up to date. Read more as I talk about how to stay current in your business.


I was recently in Newark Airport just outside New York before flying to LA to see my family.


Newark Liberty International Airport
Newark Liberty International Airport

One thing that I noticed at the airport is the self checkouts are absolutely everywhere, most of the terminals in the airport, where you make a purchase for food or drink are now self service.


Thats going to have a huge impact on business going forward.  The business owners that have self checkout will save a huge amount on staff.  Self checkouts never go sick, they dont need a pension and can process a lot more orders per hour.


The businesses that don’t adapt then have a huge disadvantage which will hit their margins.


What Does Staying Current In Business Mean?


Business is changing so fast and it’s up to you to decide.


Are you going to change and keep up in your business?


Or get left behind?


You are going get crushed by their competitors if don’t stay up-to-date.  I often ask Taxi drivers what they feel about driverless cars, every single one of them tells me they will never be allowed on UK roads.


Well heres the thing, they are coming and very soon those Taxi drivers will be struggling for work.  It might be 5 years it might be 10 but its happening.


If  your business does not pivot you will get left behind.  My business historically has been face to face, although I teach internet marketing I prefer to do it face to face.


However the pandemic meant I had to change my business model and fast.  Within 3 days I had my whole coaching business online, in fact I added lots of additional stuff giving even more value to my Business Accelerator clients.


Get Online


I still meet business owners who don’t have a website.  I get word of mouth is a great way to run a business, but if you are serious about really growing a business you must be online.


The internet gives you leverage, if you get word of mouth that can be 10 times more effective online.


Look at running a Facebook Business page, Youtube channel or something that will attract your ideal client online.


Get involved in things like YouTube, Facebook advertising, and various other platforms that are going to take your business forward a lot quicker.


Thats how to stay current in business.


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