How To Build An Email List For FREE

How To Build An Email List For FREE

The best form of communication from your customers is through email, so how to build an email list for FREE.


Let me teach you how to build an email list for FREE.  If I can show you how to build your list for nothing or very little cost, how big would you build a list?


In my business I currently have 125,000 business owners in my email list.  I have been paid to build that email list, because people that opt in buy  my  products and services.

What is an email list? 


An email list is a collection of email addresses used by an individual or a business to send information to them about products or services. When emails are collected organically, businesses know that the individual is interested in their product and/or industry.


Even though social media gets lots of attention, the most valuable digital channel is building your email list for free. Building an email list is an important part of owning a business. If you have a decent email list, then you’ve got an asset that is valuable. And you can eventually sell to these people.


The problem with social media is you never own your likes or followers.  Social platforms come and go, you can’t pay your bills with likes.  If you had 1 million followers on Myspace today that would not be useful for your business.


Its essential to take your likes and followers and turn them into email subscribers.  Once you build a list your business now is worth more, if someone was to buy your business they would be buying your customer list first and foremost.



How Do I Build An Email List For FREE? 


You can build your list for FREE by giving away something that has a high perceived value.  To get someone to opt-in to your email list they need to want what you give away.


You need to give away a guide, report, discount voucher.


30 lead gen secrets

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To get people to find your guide you advertise it on Facebook, Google, Youtube or share on your social media posts.


Build a good guide or report that’s going to be appealing to your target demographic, that’s going to make them want to opt in to grab guide or report.


Once they download  your guide or report, on the thank you page you offer them something for sale.   This gives you some revenue you can put into advertising to get more people to download your book.



You are going to recycle your money, everyone that buys your thank you page offer you recycle that money into more advertising to get people to download your ebook.


That way you are grow your email list for FREE, and very quickly build a list that can make a big impact on your business.


20% of the people that opted will end up purchasing your products and services over time as your nurture them.


NOTE: Your landing page must have an opt-in area. This is where subscribers enter their email address.




At this stage we are not looking to make any money, every £1 we put into advertising we are looking to use again and again building our email list.


The people that buy your thank your page offer are paying for your advertising.  The purchases on our thank you page allow us to grow our email list however large we want it.


Then you build a relationship with that list, offering them more value.  Over time you will offer them your products and services and some of them will buy again and again.


You might have heard the phrase, “The Money Is In The List”.  Its true the bigger your email list the more sales you are going to get in your business.  Your business will be safer as well, if you got shut down on a social media channel for any reason you would still have a list of prospects to sell to.


Implement this into your business and you will start seeing amazing results in your business very fast.


That is how to build an email list for FREE.


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