How To Find Customers For Your Startup Business

How To Find Customers For Your Startup Business

No matter what type of business you’re in, every startup business owner has the same question: “How will I get my first customers for my start up business?”.


In this blog, I’m going to talk about how to find customers for your startup business.


(Watch this video for my simple 5 steps any startup can use to get customers)


Whatever type of  business you have started, the good news is the process is the same for all of them.   What most business owners do wrong is they try to get married on a first date.


Most business owners they try social media marketing or advertising and go for the sale too fast.


The chances of someone scrolling through Facebook or Instagram looking to buy your product at that very section are slim.  Even if they are looking to buy the product, they might not want it from you unless you can prove you are an expert in your field.


Let me share with you the exact 5 steps you must follow to get your first sales and many more after.


Step 1: Create Content 


Just about any marketing goal you set can be achieved through good content marketing. A lot 0f start up business owners and marketers fail because they go about marketing the wrong way. They just try and push their products and services on to anyone with a pulse, or a chequebook.


They start by getting a Facebook page, getting a LinkedIn profile, and getting a website and just shoving their products and services down people’s throats.


Here’s why that does not work: Not everybody is ready to buy your product and service right now.


Maybe 1% of people in the market are ready to buy your product or service at any given time. What that means is you are pushing a product on to 99% of the people that just don’t want to buy your product or service at that point.  Rather than making them want to work with you that will just push them away.


What should you be doing? Demonstrate that you are an expert, or your product or your service is the best at what it does.  (Check out the video above, I just give value)


How do you do that? Do it with content, you need to create content that your prospects & potential customers are looking for.


Sample Scenarios: 


If you were an estate agent, you might create content around how to sell my house fast, how to sell my house for market value, those sorts of pieces of content.


Moss Properties Doncaster


This is one of my clients Moss Properties, these create regular content about whats happening in their local property market.   The key here is they don’t sell anything, they just give massive value.


If you were someone that was a health therapist, maybe you create content around how to cure certain ailments by helping people they will be drawn to find out more about what your product or service is.

How To Find Customers For Your Startup Business


You have to start with massive value, this blog is content and I hope you are learning something just by being here now reading it.


Just because you know your prospect needs your produce or service, does not mean they want it now and does not mean they want it from you.


Content changes that, you are educating them more so they can now consider if they want what you offer.  By you being the content producer rather than someone else, you are the expert to them and much more likely to be who they buy from.


You just need to be the expert to grow any business. Prospects will trust you because you have given them the content and value that they need.


Step 2: Capture Leads 


You still can’t sell to these people, but you need to get them as a lead. You’re going to give something away of value, something that they opt in for but they don’t pay for.


If what you offer as your giveaway is not seen as useful you simply wont get any leads.


What you can give away:

  • Webinars/Events
  • Free trial
  • Sales brochure
  • Toolkit
  • Software download 
  • Assessment/Test
  • Quiz/Survey


In return, they’re gonna give you their name, email address, maybe phone number and at that point, they become a lead.


BOOM we are getting somewhere now. 😄


At this point they can start to evaluate you as a business.


“Are you someone that I would like to work with?”

James Nicholson Webinar


Step 3: Customer


Now they have had had content that positions you as an expert, then we’ve captured some leads. Our next step is we want to turn them into a customer, that’s where we can start making some money.


So what you can do is you could sell them something at this point thats an impulse buy.


I offer my book Expert Mastery. (If you want a FREE copy go here) How To Find Customers For Your Startup Business




You get them to book an appointment with you to discuss your products or services.




That works great for people selling a more expensive product or service.  So your goal in this instance is to get them book a strategy call or meeting with you.


By getting prospects to book with you rather than you chase them really changes the dynamic of the sale.


Either option works well you just need to decide what method for turning them into a customer will work best with your prospects.


If you are unsure try BOTH and see which one works best.


Step 4: Core Offer 


Once you turn them into a customer or book an appointment, this is when you offer your main product or service.


At this point the prospect will trust you, they most likely will have already decided if they want to work with you.   Prospects will going to trust you are lot more because you have already given them great value up front.


This puts you had a serious advantage over other businesses competing for the same business.  Most businesses are lazy and won’t follow these steps which is amazing news for you.

Step 5: Continue To Sell To People


The fifth and final step, which most business owners don’t do, is you need to continue to sell to people. What most business owners do is they go looking for new clients all the time.


Nearly every business owner I meet asks me how to get more leads into their business.


What they should be doing is creating new products and services to sell to their existing customers.


If you don’t have anything else to sell to your clients partner with someone else.


Getting new leads costs you money, selling to existing clients is almost FREE as you already have a relationship with them.


If you want more on my business tips, marketing strategies and business funding advices, click here as I will redirect you to my page.


Thats how to find customers for your startup business.


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