How To Leverage Your Time In Business

How To Leverage Your Time In Business

If you really want a bigger business you need to learn how to leverage your time in business.


Using time leverage is an essential strategy for success and will help you get more done with less effort.


This blog is going to be about how to leverage your time in business. How you can put systems and processes so the business to works for you.


Im a big advocate in systemising a business, my first business I tried to do everything myself and it burned me out.  Ive now got systems in place that either automate things or ensure a team member does it for me.


Most entrepreneurs don’t know the importance on how to leverage their time in business.


It could be using software to leverage your time or building a remote team to work on your behalf.



How To Leverage Your Time In Business? 


The first thing to do is make a list of everything you do.   I mean everything, social media, accounts, email responses etc etc etc.   A great way to do this is for a week stop once an hour and note down exactly what you did.


You will be surprised how many different things you do in a day.   To get more done and leverage your time its essential you stop doing most of these tasks.


A lot of business owners refrain from using software as they see it as an expense.  Thats a false economy, a lot of software can help you become super productive.


My Business Accelerator students often use a product called Active Campaign.  This software does email marketing, manages their client records and a whole lot more.  I estimate using this simple $9 a month tool can double a persons productivity and thats just one tool.


Social Media Marketing


Social Media marketing is essential to growing a business these days.  However it can easily become a time drain, business owners can log in and get lost for hours reading various posts and watching videos.


A great way to leverage your time with social media is to batch your posting.  Spend 30 minutes a week and schedule the content you want to go out that week.


Hootsuite is a great all round tool and will get you a ton of hours back in your week.



Build A Team


It does not have to be expensive to build a team to help you run your business.  There are lots of sites you can outsource almost any  task for a fraction of the cost you would pay in your own country.


Some of the most popular sites to outsource to are, and


Ive got a great team based in India and the Phillipines who really  help me build my business faster and take it to the next level.


James Nicholson Amristar


This is me with my team in Amritsar India, the team are excellent at admin and helping me with my marketing.  They also build high quality websites for my business as well as my Business Accelerator students.


My  team in the Phillipines are my creative brains, I have graphic designers and social media experts who without them I could not get as much content out to grow my business.


Nikka and Angela are two key members of my Philippine team.


Each week I look at what what tasks I am doing, I note them down and see what I can outsource to my team.   This helps me grow my business in baby steps and reclaim my time.


James Nicholson Webinar


Get This Working In Your Business


I’d love to hear more business owners claiming back their time and thus allowing them to grow a business.  To do that start to make a list of the following.


What could you systemise in your business?

Who could you outsource stuff to?

What could you document?


Be Like McDonalds


McDonald’s set everything with step by step instructions on exactly how to run their business day to day. And every McDonald’s pretty much around the world is very similar. Thats why being like McDonalds and thinking like a fast food chain will help you grow your business really fast.


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