Mistakes That's Costing Your Business Money

Mistakes That’s Costing Your Business Money

Nobody said running a business would be easy. However, the number of mistakes that cost your business money can be greatly reduced if you follow this tip! Here are some mistakes that’s costing your business money.


I’ve certainly made bad decisions over the years, many of which have cost me thousands of dollars (some tens of thousands). I used to beat myself up about these costly mistakes, but I got sick of it. It served no purpose, and my attention was drawn to the loss rather than the lesson to be learned.


Over the years, I have observed that the biggest mistake we probably do as business owners that’s costing us money is selling to people who don’t know us.



What’s the biggest mistake business owners do that’s costing them money? 


So many business owners do it, I see it time and time again. It frustrates me, your prospects, and it’s just wasting you a lot of money. Here are common marketing mistakes to avoid so your audience and your brand is best served.


1. You try and pitch your products and services straight off the bat.

You’re trying to market your business, when people are just not ready. This means that they haven’t warmed to you, they don’t know you, they don’t like you. What you need to do is build a relationship with people first.


Brand awareness includes brand recognition, or people’s ability to recognize your brand’s logo or name and the associations they have with it. Your brand’s reputation has a direct impact on your sales rates and organizational success. Your company’s marketing does not have to be difficult. It can center on simple techniques for increasing awareness and retention.


Here are three ways to build brand awareness:

  1. Content
  2. Social media
  3. Thought leadership



2. Poor research 

You must first understand your customers before launching a marketing campaign. To be compelling, your campaign must consider the audience, regardless of its purpose (building brand awareness, increasing engagement, generating leads, etc.).


Set aside a portion of your marketing budget for research. Use these funds to test different messages and offers across various marketing channels, such as email newsletters, social media, direct mail, and so on, to see how they perform before investing more time and money into a campaign. It’s commonly referred to as A/B testing. Once you’ve discovered a winning campaign, you can scale it to reap the benefits.



3. Failing to earn repeat customers

In most businesses, existing customers account for 80 %of sales and profits, while new customers account for the remaining 20%. If you don’t retarget your current customer base to get them to buy again, your profits could suffer.


Selling to a new customer is five times more expensive than selling to an existing customer, so designate a few of your marketing campaigns to your existing customer base in order to get the repeat sale. You will not only reach a larger audience of potential buyers, but you will also ensure that you are devoting enough of your efforts to the core of your customer base.



4. Unwilling to adapt

Businesses, like people, must grow and evolve if they are to succeed. Businesses that are unwilling to incorporate new technology, test new platforms, or experiment with new audiences are unlikely to remain profitable in today’s fast-paced business environment.

The most successful businesses do everything they can to tailor their marketing strategies to different trends and reach new prospects. You can reach a larger audience and maximize your potential profits by experimenting with different social media channels or marketing strategies and techniques.




After one failure, it’s natural to become disappointed or discouraged because you aren’t seeing the desired results. Take a step back if you believe you have something great that solves real problems.

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