Importance Of A Customer Avatar

The Importance of An Ideal Customer Avatar

So let me talk about the importance of an ideal customer avatar.


One thing that I notice with business owners that struggle is: They will work with anybody.


They will work with anybody that has got a pulse, or a chequebook. The reason why people still do this is because they don’t have a customer avatar crafted, they don’t really know who is the perfect person that they want to work with.



Take a moment, step back and reflect who is the ideal customer in your business, who is your customer avatar.


What Is A Customer Avatar? 

A customer avatar is the ideal customer that you want to work with. It’s a detailed profile of your ideal customer.


You hear people use different terminology. Some people will call this a customer persona others a customer avatar.  They are both the same things.



Who Is Your Ideal Customer? 


It’s really important in business that you work with people that will pay you for what you’re worth. 


Here are the common traits our ideal customers have: 

  • People that don’t haggle on price
  • They that pay you on time
  • These customers value you as an entrepreneur
  • They value your product and service.


If you think about the last 10 customers you had in business, not all of those customers were equal. In fact, 2 of those customers were a dream to work with.


Whereas some of those customers were difficult. They just kept asking questions, they had such high expectations, and they were very difficult to work with.


Often those are the ones that asked for a discount and really frustrating to work with.


Now I want to flip that round, and focus on getting more of those 20% that are a dream to work with. But we can’t do that until we figure out what was similar about those two people.


Solution: What we should do is we create an ideal customer avatar checklist.

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Why Is A Customer Avatar Important?


When you’re marketing, (1) you actually want to repel some people, you want to make it very clear on who you serve. Who are the people that should be buying your product or service, who are the people that should be working with you.


Loads of leads you currently get might have these type of issues.


  1. Don’t pay
  2. Haggle on price that
  3. Argue with you all the time


I want to get you the quality leads. You’re not going to get the the quality that you deserve in your business until you have crafted your customer avatar.


Another thing I want to achieve for you is (2) significantly reduce your marketing spend. The reason why having a customer avatar reduces your marketing costs is because you’re marketing to a smaller pool of people. This also means that spending less in marketing is going to increase profits in your business


The more specific the audience you market to on Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or wherever it is. Your leads are going to be significantly cheaper when we only target our ideal customer, our customer avatar.  We waste less on our marketing.

How to Use A Customer Avatar To Attract Customers


We’re going to be attracting the people that will pay you more for your product or service, which will again increase your profits in your business.


I’ve created a step by step exercise which gets you focused on who really is your perfect client.


  • Where does my ideal customer hang out?
  • Are they reading certain magazines?
  • Do they read certain books?
  • What are the websites they visit?
  • Are they attending conferences?


It’s important that business owners know where your ideal customer hangs out. This will allow you to understand where you need to market your products based on where your customer hangs out.


Rather than reading about the importance of a customer avatar, go and actually click on the link below and watch my training.


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