Ways to Promote Your NEW YouTube Channel

11 Ways to Promote Your NEW YouTube Channel

If you’ve come across this blog then you want to know, ways to Promote your NEW YouTube Channel.   Well Ive got you covered here with the best strategies that have helped me grow my Youtube channel.


YouTube is the second most-visited site on the web, with more than 1.9 billion active monthly users. Mastering it is a must for any business owner.


Help your YouTube channel’s promotion with these super effective strategies.  Ive spent over a year growing my channel, I have published over 500 videos so over that time I have learn’t a thing or two.



Here are some of my formulated tips based on my experience: 


Tip 1: Write Engaging Titles


One way to promote your new channel on YouTube to get views is by writing engaging titles. When someone is browsing on YouTube, it’s the title that’s going to draw them into clicking and watching your video.


11 Ways to Promote Your NEW YouTube Channel


This title has intrigue, it does not tell them exactly what I will teach.  However if they want more leads and sales there is a high chance of them clicking it.


Tip 2: Figure Out What Your Audience Wants


Have an educated guess on which topics your audience might like,  then start making content around those topics.  Eventually, you’re going to get some data.   Your audience will tell you what content they like and dislike.


You will have videos that get more views than others, listen to that data and make more of what people want.


Based on my personal experience: 

We came across a niche that did really well for my Youtube Channel, which was about Bounce Back Loans Scheme (BBL).


I made one video on what to do if your Bounce Back Loan gets rejected.



Very quickly it got 6000 views.


I looked at that and decided to make further videos on the topic.


The result? 10’s of thousands of views on my channel and hundreds of new subscribers.


My audience told me what they wanted and needed to watch and I created content around that.


Start posting content, what you feel will do well is not always what does well.  Your audience will very quickly what they like and you can focus on making more of that content.


When I work with people on my Business Accelerator I get them to focus on what their audience wants.  A lot of business owners try to make content they feel their audience needs, but if they are not watching it there is no point making it.


Tip 3: Engage With Your Community 


Engaging with your community means replying to all those comments and queries you have. whether on this blog post or on my YouTube channel. I personally do those I do all your comments and queries before I go to bed.


It takes some time, but it really helps me get to know my audience and build a strong relationship.


At the end of the day people buy from people.  If you are building strong relationships with your audience it will benefit both parties.


Tip 4: Customise Your Thumbnails 


A YouTube thumbnail is actually a graphic that sits on top of your video that is there to draw the click to get the view.  The thumbnail will get your potential viewers attention.  It screams LOOK at me, which is exactly what you need in the competitive world of Youtube.


Youtube Thumbnails


I have an in house designer she is awesome and creates me amazing thumbnails like the above.


Prior to having an in house designer I used a website called Fiverr.com to create my thumbnails.   You can also get software like Canva.com which allow you to easily create your own thumbnails.


Here are some more examples of thumbnails Ive used. 

Sample of YouTube Thumbnails
James Nicholson Sample of YouTube Thumbnails


Tip 5: Cross-Promote Your YouTube Videos


Promoting your YouTube videos in other places is a good thing. What I mean by that is my YouTube videos get shared on my Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social networks. What that does, it drives people from Twitter for example, and we get the views on our YouTube channel.


If you drive traffic to your Youtube videos obviously you will get more views.  However Youtube will also reward you and show you more prominently in their search results.


James Nicholson Twitter


James Nicholson Webinar


Tip 6: Target What People Are Searching For


Target what you believe people are actually searching for.


When you have a list of keywords you feel people are searching for, start to type the list into Youtube.   You will see the search bar starts predicting what you are going to type.


Those predictions are the video titles you want to be making.   Youtube has billions of pieces of data and that is exactly what they are sharing with you.


Don’t try and guess what people want, create the content they are actually looking for.   This works with the search bar on Youtube and Google, it does not matter which search engine you pick.


Here is an example of a Google / Youtube prediction: 

Sample of Predictive Google Search
Sample of Predictive Google Search



Tip 7: Run A Contest Or Giveaway


Get people to enter to win. It’s a good way to get more engagement on your channel.  People love a competition, Ive recently seen a channel that is going to give away a FREE house when they hit 100,000 subscribers. 🤯


Tip 8: Embed YouTube Videos On Other Websites


In my personal experience, every YouTube video that I produce, I also make a blog post just like this.  Each blog post I produce embed the related Youtube video on the post.


Google & Youtube love this and often my Youtube video shows up in the Google search results due to that.


Ways to Promote Your NEW YouTube Channel


Here is the Youtube video related to this post again.  Click below to watch it now.



Tip 9: Create Playlists


I love a playlist, it helps viewers get even more of your content so then can binge on it.


My channel has playlists on business funding. A lot of people right now want to get funding in their business, so we have a playlist on business funding. When somebody watches a video that’s in that playlist,  YouTube recommends the videos inside the playlist to them next.


YouTube playlists are the ultimate content feature tool for marketers. Instead of engaging your customers with just a single video, you could captivate them with multiple videos that come together to tell a bigger story.


Another thing that we do is series.


I did a series a couple of years ago that was really popular when I traveled Route 66.  Along my route, I made business tips. And so I’ve made a playlist which you can go and check out it’s on my YouTube channel here.  A lot of people enjoyed that, because they felt they were coming along with me on my trip.


Here is a sample of my playlists: 

Ways to Promote Your NEW YouTube Channel
YouTube Playlists


Tip 10: Call To Action


Another thing to do is increase engagement with calls to action. Throughout my YouTube videos, it will say subscribe. We will tell people to like the video and smash the like button to turn it blue. You need to get people to do that otherwise, they won’t do it.


If you want to promote your new YouTube channel and get more views, you have to help people know what you want them to do. Tell them to subscribe, tell them to like your video, tell them to comment.


Tip 11: Publish Content Regularly


One video a day will be great. You need to consistently publish content and value on your channel that is really going to serve your audience. And it’s going to serve you by generating you lots of lots and lots of people that are interested in your product and service.


A lot of people starts publishing some content but eventually they stop. They make one or two or three videos and that’s it. You need to consistently publish. 


Thats 11 Ways to Promote Your NEW YouTube Channel.  Comment below to let me know your thoughts.


So those are the ways I personally follow to promote your new YouTube channel. If you found this post useful, you can follow me on my YouTube channel and on my blog site. I have tons of content on business tips, marketing strategies, business funding advice.


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