What Is Hot Website Traffic

What Is Hot Website Traffic

Hot traffic consists of customers who have already purchased something from you or trusted you with their business (and have not requested a refund). I’m going to talk about hot traffic, what you should be doing with hot traffic, and how you can actually make some money. Click here to learn about hot website traffic.


In other words, people are quite familiar with you and your products or services. And there’s a strong chance they’ll buy more—they may buy more products, or upgrade their service.


What Is Hot Website Traffic? 


Hot traffic refers to an audience that you’ve previously converted, i.e. pleased customers, as well as people who have expressed serious interest in purchasing but just need a little nudge in the right way to make a purchase.


Hot traffic audience can also be people who: 

  • Visited your offer page and started the booking process but didn’t finish
  • Bought products from you in the past


With hot traffic, there is a tremendous chance to either optimize profit by selling more to existing customers or reactivate them by reminding them you’re still in business.  A hot audience can be directed to your landing page with the offer, or perhaps to a booking page. If they are already familiar with your offer, you may summarize it in the email and then direct them to the checkout page!


Types of Website Traffic Audience: 

The type of audience with which you are dealing and the possibility that they will purchase your products or services is referred to as traffic temperature. It stands to reason that a satisfied customer is far more likely to purchase from you than someone who has never heard of your company.


1. Cold traffic

Cold traffic is when you have a prospect that knows nothing about who you are or what you do. You’ve never met this person before, and you have no brand awareness at this point. Cold traffic is the most difficult to sell to. 


2. Warm traffic 

Warm traffic, as opposed to cold traffic, is a little easier to sell to. Prospects in this category may be familiar with your brand or what it stands for, but they have never purchased from you. At the moment, brand awareness is increasing. Prospects are becoming more interested in hearing your message and potentially purchasing from you.


3. Hot traffic 

The first type of hot traffic is an (1) Individual who has opted into your campaigns, understands everything there is to know about your product or service, and is ready to buy from you. The second group type consists of (2) customers who have previously purchased from you. Unless you approach them with a new product or service, or retarget them in another way, those same clients will always be labeled as hot traffic.




The goal of digital marketing is to present the correct offers at the right moment, allowing you to shorten the buyer’s journey and reduce marketing expenditures. Understanding the difference between cold, warm, and hot visitors and how to target each type will assist you in achieving this while increasing website sales.

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