Why You Should Use A Marketing Funnel

In today’s climate, the internet gives businesses all over the world the ability to reach and connect their products and services with consumers. That’s why you should use an optimized Marketing Funnel. Read more for my tips!


What is the best way to approach this as a business? Funnels for marketing.


Marketing funnels place your business on the map and guide users through the complete buyer’s journey, hopefully leading to a purchase with you. If you aren’t already using marketing funnels, you should be, and even if you are, there may be new types of funnels you can build up that you haven’t thought of yet.


What is a Marketing funnel? 


A funnel is basically connecting the dots between your marketing strategy and lead generation. It’s the process each of your leads go through before fully becoming a conversion. PRO TIP: When creating and even implementing each stage of your marketing funnel, it’s important to remember how you will efficiently move customers through each stage of the funnel.




Why You Should Use A Marketing Funnel


The funnel is a fantastic tool for making every stage of your client connection visible. Marketing funnels streamline the customer journey and make it easier for businesses to manage. These solutions outline each stage of their client’s decision-making process and the steps they intend to take in each.


The most significant advantage of marketing funnels is their measurable nature. Your funnel reveals where you’re losing consumers, allowing you to adjust your strategy. For example, if you lose customers before they reach the second stage, you need to improve your brand recognition campaign.




5 Marketing Funnel Steps 


Most businesses make the mistake of attempting to get married on their first date. It’s all around you. This is a proven 5-step strategy for converting cold leads into red-hot buyers that buy from you again and again. It’s been a game changer for my mentees, who have used it to expand their businesses and acquire and retain consumers.



Here is the five C’s of marketing, and how you can change that in your business: 


1. Content

Content is essential for a number of reasons; (1)  you need to educate an audience, maybe they don’t know they need your product and service, (2) make content that solves the customers problem.  That’s important that you build a relationship, you build rapport with someone that potentially could be a customer. It also gives you expert status.


Your audience may be on LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, Tiktok or wherever. You need to put your content out, then you want to get them from the content into your marketing funnel. We do that by capturing some leads,



2. Capture Leads 

How do we capture leads? Well, we do that by giving something away. It could be a guide, a report, a discount voucher of some sort. Now. This isn’t mean that they’re going to buy from you necessarily, but what it does do, it allows us to carry on the conversation so we can market to them.


This gives more value, build the relationship, ask him to buy something, because we’ve got that in our database. You capture leads, and you build a big database at the same time.



3. Turn Them Into Customers 

If you’re going to sell something, do it less than 10 pounds, something impulse buy, right? If you’re not going to sell something, and you’re going to be like, “Look I’m not going to sell you something, but I want to have a conversation, then you get them to book a call” or something like that.





4. Core Offer 

You want to have a conversation and get to know you audience. It’s important that you make people jump through some hoops before they get the chance to potentially work with you. Don’t work with everybody because some people will really drain you. You want to get enough leads that from that you can be selective and pick the best clients for your business.


Whatever your core product or services you have, you offer them on this step. Most of you are doing this first. This is the right time to offer your core product or service.



5. Continue to sell to them

What most business owners do after turning people into customers, is they go and try and get more leads. They go all the way back here and they try and get more leads. Guess what? All you need is to make extra products and services that you can sell to your clients.


There’s tons of things that you can offer. But what you mustn’t do is go looking for new clients all the time, work with your existing clients offer. You just need to add more stuff in that your market wants, right. So the steps are content capture customer core offer and continue to sell.





There are numerous types of marketing funnels that you may use. All of them have the same purpose: you set them up to pull users into the sales funnel and move them forward to the next stage. They are simply employing different marketing methods to attain the same end goal.


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