What Is A Marketing Funnel 2021

What Is A Marketing Funnel?

When it comes to building a customer journey that takes potential customers who are hearing about your brand for the first time to a point where they become brand advocates and recurring buyers. This is the process of having a marketing funnel in your business. So what exactly are marketing funnels and why do they matter? Click here as I will talk about what is a marketing funnel.


What is a marketing funnel? 


Marketing funnel is a tool that helps you visualize the road audiences take from first finding out about your brand to converting into customers. When every section of the funnel works towards specific goals, it creates a customer journey that continues to build trust.


When you get 100 visitors to your site, you might expect one person to buy or to even make an inquiry. That means you need tons of traffic to your website, meaning 1000s of people potentially each and every month to get a decent result from that marketing. We all know that getting 1000s of people to your site is bloody difficult, right? There’s a lot of hard work involved.


So what people now do is use something called a marketing funnel. A funnel is obviously bigger at the top and getting narrower at the bottom.


Marketing Funnel Stages 

To get the most leads, you’ll need a lead-generation strategy for each part of the marketing funnel. There is a systematic process to target the best leads into your business and to avoid dead end leads.


1. Release contents

First off, what you need to do is you need to get some content out. This is before they’re in the funnel. Content is education, telling people inspiring people, helping people, and letting people know about your products and services and how they can help them right.


Your audience may be on LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, Tiktok or wherever. You need to put your content out, then you want to get them from the content into your marketing funnel. We do that by capturing some leads,


2. Capture Leads 

So how do we capture leads? Give something away. You can give away a guide, report, discount voucher, get people to opt in for a training, there’s tons of things that you can do to get leads in your business. You’re giving something away of pure value. So you’re going to send them to a landing page. The landing page just has a guide report or a discount voucher. What this can do is enough people will then trust me, they will get value from me potentially want to work with me in the future.



3. Offer them something to buy

When you’ve captured some leads, you want to offer them something to buy. They need the chance to buy something. Try and turn them into a customer. NOTE: Not everyone’s going to buy just because you’re ready to sell to them, not everybody is going to buy.



4. Turn into customer 

In some of our clients, they might not have a book, right, so they might sell a digital course or they might be a service business. They might get someone to book in for an appointment and this stage, right, they might book in.


So a graphic designer that we work with at the moment. She has a guide on branding guidelines and stuff like that.


Then she says “Hey, look, why don’t you book him for a strategy call on your branding and your marketing.”


And then at the end of the call if they’re a good fit, she says, “Well, if you want me to help you, then we can work together”


Each stage of getting less people, like lots of people will take your guide, less people will want to come become a customer.



5. Offer your core product or service 

Whatever your core product or services. This is where you’re going to offer that to your clients.  You want to have a conversation and get to know you audience. It’s important that you make people jump through some hoops before they get the chance to potentially work with you. Don’t work with everybody because some people will really drain you. You want to get enough leads that from that you can be selective and pick the best clients for your business.



6. Continue to sell 

And next, once if they bought something from you, then you need to have extra products. So we need to continue to sell to people. You need to make extra products and services that you can sell to your clients.


Whatever business you’re in, I actually well class are helping people create this, we call it a product ladder. On the business accelerator. This is we spent nearly half a day on working out what your products and services are going to be.


An example I work with a homeopathy services and consultations: 


  1. She added a book. So at the lower end, she added a book, maybe for people that weren’t near her, or just wanted a bit more information on what is homeopathy.
  2. Next she had digital courses, which she didn’t have we added that in.
  3. Then she added a retreat. A quite expensive retreat, and make nearly 10 grand profit each weekend that she ran there. So we’ll work with you on working on additional products and services.


My business didn’t have this right. Initially, I didn’t have this stuff in there. I just had one product. Then over time I added more products in and that’s where you get more profitable. If you don’t, they’re just gonna buy it from someone else anyway. People like to buy and they like to buy from people that they trust and got a relationship with, you’re not forcing them to buy.

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