Why Your Marketing Does Not Work

Why Your Marketing Does Not Work

Marketing is how you’re going to get leads, and then ultimately the leads, you’re going to turn some of those into customers. If you find yourself in a situation where your marketing does not work, then assess your business systems and processes and follow my account for more tips and advice about marketing!


Now, marketing is how you’re going to get leads, and then ultimately the leads, you’re going to turn some of those into customers. Now, why your marketing probably isn’t working right now is you’re probably going through the wrong what like system to get customers.



Reasons why your marketing does not work


Every company relies on marketing to help it expand. Effective marketing generates a consistent, predictable flow of qualified leads for a company’s sales team to turn into paying customers. However, if the flow of leads stops, so does the growth of the company.


Some of the reasons why your marketing is not working:


  • Your message is confusing

As business owners, we can get a little too close to the action at times. We spend so much time and energy working on our businesses that we forget how to connect effectively with people who aren’t familiar with our industry.


  • You’re talking to the wrong audience

The issue isn’t always with your product, service, or even marketing strategies. Sometimes the issue is that you’re presenting your business to the wrong audience: one that doesn’t require your services, can’t afford them, or doesn’t want to consume them in the manner in which you do.


  • You’re asking for too much all at once

The majority of customers and clients take their time before making a purchase. And the more significant their investment, the longer it usually takes. This means that a significant amount of the traffic to your website or social media sites is made up of people conducting research but not yet ready to buy.




Marketing Strategy that works! 

This is my five step system, which I cover in the business accelerator, what most of you are doing is this, you’re trying to get married on a first date. Maybe you’re trying to send people from Facebook, Google, YouTube, newspapers, radio, whatever marketing platform, you’re trying to send them straight to your core offer here.


Why that doesn’t work, is (1) people don’t know you, (2) they don’t like you, (3) they don’t trust you. Some people will go through and buy from you straightaway, but most won’t. So you’ve got to build a relationship.


What you need to do is have a system that shows people that we’re an expert that allows them to dip their toe in and just see whether they’re interested a little bit more.



1. Content

We’re going to start with content. This content that you’ve got here is just value, This is before they’re in the funnel. Content is education, telling people inspiring people, helping people, and letting people know about your products and services and how they can help them right.


Your audience may be on LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, Tiktok or wherever. You need to put your content out, then you want to get them from the content into your marketing funnel. We do that by capturing some leads,



2. Capture Leads 

So we’re going to capture some leads and we do that by giving something away. It can be like an ebook, guide, report, discount voucher, get people to opt in for a training, there’s tons of things that you can do to get leads in your business. You’re giving something away of pure value. So you’re going to send them to a landing page. The landing page just has a guide report or a discount voucher. What this can do is enough people will then trust me, they will get value from me potentially want to work with me in the future.



3. Turn people into customers

In some of our clients, they might not have a book, right, so they might sell a digital course or they might be a service business. They might get someone to book in for an appointment and this stage, right, they might book in.


The book is real value and enough people will use it and implement stuff and some of them will want more help from me in the future. Right That’s how it works.



4. Offer your core product or service 

Regardless of your core product or service. This is where you’ll make the offer to your customers. You want to strike up a discussion with your audience and learn more about them. It’s critical that you have them jump through hoops before giving them the opportunity to work with you. You shouldn’t work with everyone since certain people will drain you completely. You want to generate enough leads to be able to pick and choose the ideal clients for your company.



5. Continue to sell 

And next, once if they bought something from you, then you need to have extra products. So we need to continue to sell to people. You need to make extra products and services that you can sell to your clients.


Whatever business you’re in, I actually well class are helping people create this, we call it a product ladder. On the business accelerator. This is we spent nearly half a day on working out what your products and services are going to be.




Your company is vulnerable if your marketing isn’t working. The good news is that you can correct the problem and get your company back on track. Take the time to conduct a thorough review of your marketing strategy and systems.


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