Challenges In Creating A Customer Avatar

Challenges In Creating A Customer Avatar

Creating a customer avatar may have its challenges. But once you get the hang of it, it’s the best investment of your time. Read more as I will be talking about the challenges in creating a customer avatar.


Before you can market your product or service effectively, you have to know who your ideal customer is and that means building a customer avatar.


What is a Customer Avatar?


A Customer Avatar is a representation of your ideal customer, which means it includes information about demographics, psychographics, location, likes and dislikes, needs and wants, hopes and fears, profession, marital status, income level, and more


What are the challenges in creating a Customer Avatar? 

What are the challenges in creating a Customer Avatar


I’m going to help you with that here today. I’ve actually created this avatar checklist, you can grab this in the description for free, it’s a PDF that you can, you can download. And you’ve got all the questions here, right.


The challenges that people face are a couple of things. One, they don’t know what questions they need to consider when looking for that ideal customer.


Another thing is that maybe you’ve not had any customers. Maybe because you’re a startup. If you’re a startup, I suggest to use this checklist and give it your best guess. You’re gonna have to guess who you think your ideal customer is.


Surely you have some sort of idea is it going to be teenagers, adults, males, females, you should know something about your customers. Then once you’ve got your first 10 customers, I would recommend that you go back and do this exercise again. Out of those 10 customers, there will be customers that you want and you don’t. Analyze the customers that you want then redo Customer Avatar with those two people in mind.


The problem is, when we’re a new business, or we don’t have an avatar set up, then we attract any type of customer. It’s frustrating to attract the bad type. You need to make sure that you attract people that you really like that will pay you what you’re worth. That’s the purpose of a Customer Avatar.



These are the sorts of things that we want to know: 


  • Gender

Customer Avatar Gender

You might want to attract male and female. But if that’s the case, pick one gender. You can do a second avatar afterwards. Even if you fall into the court of being able to serve both males and females your marketing message will be different to each avatar.  They will hang out in different places.


For example:


  1. Pinterest is used by more females than males.
  2. Males and females both go to McDonald’s. But McDonald’s know that the male and the female probably buy different products, the guy on the whole might buy a big burger, whereas the female on the whole might buy a salad or a smaller burger.


It’s important to to pick agenda and target them in different places. If you do quite well with both genders, then do two of these avatars right?


  • Age range



Different age ranges hang out in different places, younger people tend to use TikTok and Snapchat.  While older internet users tend to use LinkedIn and Facebook. We found business owners over 25 generally had more money to spend on growing their business.


For example: 

  1. If you were a nightclub or a bar, you’re going to want to advertise to people that are younger in their 20s. Of course, older people can go to nightclubs, but more the younger crew are more likely to go there more frequently.
  2. Think of a nail salon. My daughter, Georgia, she’s 20 years old and she might spend £20 on nails. Then my partner Katie will go there and will easily spend £50. Now, I would rather attract more Katie’s than George’s because Katie’s spending more than the younger ones. 


  • Marital status

Customer Avatar Marital Status


Are they married, single or divorced?  It matters when it comes to your marketing.  People who are married normally have more disposable income. Two incomes splitting the bills, and some bills are cheaper when you are married like insurance.


Single people are more likely to go to a nightclub than people that are married. Married people might go there once or twice a year,  but single people might go there week in week out and spend considerable sums of money,


  • Location

Customer Avatar Location

Different people in different areas have desires for certain products and services. All of this is going to help you figure out your customer avatar.


What keeps them up at night?

What do they talk about home books they read?


If you don’t know customer avatar is,  you’re never going to be successful in business. You keep attracting the wrong people  and that isn’t serving you. You’re just wasting your time and that’s also wasting their time as well.

Customer Avatar Worksheet NEW

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