Do NOT Do This On Instagram

Do NOT Do This On Instagram

Instagram is known for their infamous ‘Fake Gurus’ who think that they own the platform, and also will make others believe them. This is what you need to avoid when you are starting your Instagram account for business. Know why:


Instagram has become a place for pretending to be richer than you actually are — and scamming people into paying you for your expert advice. I think it is full of crap, but I can’t seem to get away from it. I’m sure the majority of you are like me. Aside from fake news and fake trends, it is also known for its infamous ‘Fake Gurus,’ who believe they own the platform and will persuade others to believe them. This is on the entrepreneurs side of Instagram.


HOWEVER, it is a fantastic platform for branding and visibility. You can share and curate images and videos to create a visual experience for anyone who visits your account.



What are “Fake Gurus”?

A fake guru is someone who, usually in the online world, promises a specific outcome in exchange for the completion of a paid course, coaching service, book purchase, and so on. It basically means, “I will show you how to achieve this desired result, but first you must do this.”


PRO TIP: It’s better to have lower engagements compared to these fake gurus than having thousands of followers but no engagement and no sales.




What NOT to do in your Business Instagram Account: 


  • Buy followers – You’re not deceiving anyone; social media users are well-versed in these interactions. You run the risk of appearing spammy, which will deter people from following you.
  • Over post – Maintain 1-3 posts per day (for most businesses) unless your audience responds better to a higher number of posts.
  • Sell to everyone – not everyone knows, likes or wants you product. You should sell them to your target market.




How Is Instagram Used For Business? 

How Is Instagram Used For Business

Instagram has a wide range of marketing options, including posts, advertising, and stories. Now that you know how to create a profile and understand popular terminology, here’s how to use Instagram to grow your business.


  • Use Instagram Stories – Instagram Stories is one of the platform’s most popular features. These photos and videos are only available for 24 hours after being published. Instagram provides a plethora of options for creating interesting and creative stories.


  • Interact with other users – As with any social media platform, it’s critical to engage and interact with your followers. (You can interact with the site by commenting, liking, mentioning, tagging, and direct messaging.)


Among the key components of your Instagram marketing strategy are:

  • Identifying the audience you want to reach
  • Setting specific goals (both short- and long-term) as success indicators
  • Content type selection and creation of high-quality, engaging content
  • Developing a strategy for analyzing and auditing your marketing efforts on a regular basis



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