How Often Should You Send Out Emails?

How Often Should You Send Out Emails?

A common question from small businesses just starting out in digital marketing is how frequently they should email marketing messages to contacts. As with most things in life, there is no simple answer to this seemingly simple question. How often should you send out emails? Let me tell you how often you should be emailing your database.


If you’re looking for a definitive answer, you’re out of luck. The best we can do is say, “It all depends on your objectives, product or service, or business need.” Don’t worry, there is no hard and fast answer.



What is an email list? 

An email list is a collection of email addresses used by an individual or a business to send information to them about products or services. When emails are collected organically, businesses know that the individual is interested in their product and/or industry.


Even though social media gets lots of attention, the most valuable digital channel is building your email list for free. Building an email list is an important part of owning a business. If you have a decent email list, then you’ve got an asset that is valuable. And you can eventually sell to these people.


The problem with social media is you never own your likes or followers.  Social platforms come and go, you can’t pay your bills with likes.  If you had 1 million followers on Myspace today that would not be useful for your business.



How Often Should You Send Out Emails? 


A good strategy would be to send emails twice a month at first, then weekly. Consider sending emails two to three times per week if you have great content, ever-changing offers, or regular promotions.


Slowly increasing the frequency of your emails requires maintaining your client in mind. This is a polite way of saying “pay attention.” The most common reason people unsubscribe from emails is because they receive them too frequently from a single sender. A recipient who unsubscribes from your emails may also be more likely to report you as a spammer or to completely disengage; some unsubscribes have been known to troll, and others to leave scathing comments and reviews.



Benefits of Building an Email List: 


So, a lot of business owners and bloggers who are just starting out don’t realize how important an email list actually is.

Here are some more compelling reasons why developing an email list is vital:


  • Customers’ Messages Will Be Delivered Easily 

When you send an email, your words are delivered directly to someone’s inbox. However, because of the nature of social media, your customer is far more likely to overlook your update in their feed. This shows why email lists are vital and far more effective than social media in getting your message in front of your customers.




  • Encourage Returning Visitors

It’s a frightening but genuine fact: More than 70% of visitors who leave your website never return. Take a peek at your Google Analytics and compare the percentage of new vs returning visitors.


And your guests are priceless. They’ve landed up on your website out of all the websites in the globe.


What you don’t want to do is pass up the opportunity to convert a casual online surfer into an ardent admirer who frequents your site.


When people see an email from you in their inbox, they are considerably more inclined to return to your website. Invite them back with another excellent content, a well-written notice, or a limited-time discount.




  • Email Is Private and Personal

Customers appreciate communications that are personalized for them. Personalization improves your email marketing from average to outstanding. Don’t let personalization cost you money.


Furthermore, email is quite direct. Every person on your list receives an email in the same way that they receive a piece of mail. It’s not the same as seeing a message in a newsfeed as they scroll by.


The act of receiving an email is personal. People, for example, receive emails from your company in the same inbox as they receive emails from their parents.




  • You Have Complete Control Over Your Email List

Except for your website, the only thing you have control over in your internet business is your email list. For example, you may have thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, but those followers are owned by those businesses. However, one of the most significant advantages of building an email list is that your list is completely yours.


Of course, you have no control over when a social media platform’s policies change. These modifications may have an impact on your marketing. Taking complete control of your subscriber list and focusing on increasing your email list is a wise business decision.



  • Email builds trust

Sending emails to your customers builds a trusting relationship between you and them. When people read their emails, they do it in the privacy of their mailbox. It’s not a message blasted all over a billboard or a social media timeline. It’s a more personal manner of communicating.


Customers can ask you questions confidently by replying to your message because email lists make them feel like they’re part of a private conversation. This contributes to the development of trust and a connection.


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